Monday, September 12, 2011

Jamie Magee Bio

Hi everyone! Today is the day you get to know me, Jamie Magee ~ author of the Insight Series :)!

I was extremely excited and honored to be asked to be a part of The Writer’s Voice. I’m really looking forward to not only working with all of these amazing authors, but having a fantastic way to talk to, and reach out to readers.

I began my writing career in January of 2010 – that is when I made a New Year’s Resolution to write a novel, and so far it is not only the best resolution I’ve ever made, but the only one I have managed to keep! It’s not that I make a habit out of setting goals I never attempt reach, in fact I’ve always been a person that is driven by goals. My only problem with resolutions or life in general was that I never learned to think outside the box – I followed the traditional path of life…I fell in love, went to school, began a career, then a family. Throughout those amazing years of my life I never thought that my overactive imagination would have a purpose beyond my own personal entertainment. My only regret on the path of life I chose was that I did not trust myself to write my daydreams down before that fateful resolution that forever more changed my life.

So now I guess we get to the part where you get to know me! I was raised in Franklin, TN and still live close to this beautiful historic town ( I swear I’m not being biased – it really is beautiful!) I met my soul- mate when I was fifteen – without a doubt it was love at first sight. I finally married the love of my life when I was twenty one and a few years later we started our family – one girl, and one boy – I could not dream of a more perfect family

I’ve lost count of the addictions I have but here a few. Writing, of course, even when I am not at my lap top a story is always playing in the back of my mind. I have an intense interest in the Zodiac and used that passion to thread together the plot of my Insight series – do not be surprised if I ask you when your birthday is if you every catch me in chat on the social networks. I love alternative music – and at ALL hours of the day it is playing around me…lyrics and guitars fuel my imagination. I love Red Bull – it gives me wings! I love to meet people and strive to find as many new faces I can on in given day. I’m a major analyzer – people watching is a sport at times. There are many more but I will stop here.

I’ve always considered myself an open book – so please feel free to ask me anything, today or any day. I cannot wait to not only share more about my personally and my novels on the Writers Voice.


  1. Hello Jamie!!
    As a Brit , I have to ask what TN stands for!!
    Thoroughly enjoyed Insight and Embody and I'm so close to finishing Image ,so close that I don't want to get there!
    In case you are wondering I'm an Aquarian to hear how you would describe my sign !!

  2. Hiya Jamie,

    Just stopping by to give you some love *grin*. I think your wonderful, but I am sure you already know that.. Have a great day!


  3. Hi Jan and Celina!
    Jan Aquarius rock! Literally –they are head strong - extremely determined. I love the fact than when you listen to music the lyrics escape you – you hear the music…which produces great musicians and dancers – but above all they are just really COOL people!
    BTW, TN stands for the state of Tennessee – I’m a southern, but you would never know when you talk to me – my father was from Chicago in the north – somehow I managed to come out without much of accent – but I can fake one really well 

  4. Hey lady :) Just stopping by to say hi and give you support
    Jenn - Seduced by Books'

  5. Love it! So many things I hadn't known! So happy you are a part of the team Jamie! <3