Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chronicles of the Fade


 Slumber (Chronicles of the Fade #1)

A sleeping beauty may be the damsel in distress, but her White Knight? Why her rather un-knightish best friend of course. And the White Knight’s White Knight? Well… none other than her reluctant mortal enemy…

When Haydyn falls victim to the mysterious Sleeping Disease, the world of Phaedra is thrown into Chaos. 

Rogan, Haydyn’s best friend and handmaiden, is the only one who can save her. Together, with the Royal Guard and their young Captain, Wolfe Stovia, Rogan must set off across the provinces to find the Somna Plant that will wake Haydyn from her dying sleep.

Beset on all sides by the chaos, Rogan tumbles into a dark world of kidnapping, prejudice, betrayal and love… a journey that will change her forever, and a journey that will change their world forever, if she does not retrieve the cure.

“This was a totally epic adventure. I felt like I was on this amazing journey with the characters and when it was over I felt so sad having to say goodbye. I definitely wanted more.” Rachel at Fiktshun 5/5 Stars

“My favorite aspect of the book was the relationship between Rogan and Wolfe… Romance aside this book was jam packed with adventure and action, from scary kidnappers/thieves to old and new found friends, and danger in every direction.” Sandra at Remarkable Reads 5/5 stars

“Slumber is a definite must read for YA fantasy lovers and if you’ve never read fantasy before, but have been thinking about giving this genre a go, Slumber would be a great place to start.” Karen at The Slowest Bookworm 4/5 stars

“If I had to pick one word for "Slumber" it would be AMAZING . A great start to this brand new YA series.” Laura at Laura YA Indie Princess 5/5 stars

Sneak Thievery (Chronicles of the Fade #2)

Coming 2012


  1. Whoa the both the book & the cover looks good! It sounds really good! ♥

  2. I received a kindle copy of this book in last months RAK and I've been wanting to read it! I'll definitely need to get to it! Great review! :) The cover is just gorgeous!