Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brenda Pandos

How I arrived here shouldn’t be a mystery to me, author of three published novels. I asked my mom this just the other day, “Can you believe I’m a writer?” She looked at me and smiled. “No. You’ve always had an amazing imagination.” Of course she’d say this. She’s my biggest cheerleader and always has been. But it’s true. I’m still terrified to swim alone in the pool even during the day because of Jaws.

My husband says people would freak if they knew the truth because I never really aspired to be a writer, well maybe for a little bit in seventh grade when I wrote “Erica and the seventh grade”, but other than that, I’ve never written anything.
The fateful day the psychologist told us that our 3-year-old son was on the autism spectrum changed everything. From that moment on I knew I needed something to keep from drowning.

The vampire craze was in full swing and I wondered what my story would be. My characters became my light. Even with nursing and caring for a newborn, I’d wake up early, excited to type as many words as I could each day. Things came together easily and the story developed along to my surprise, like it always needed to be written. Honestly, I had no clue what I was doing and today cringe at parts when I reread what’s there now. But it is what it is and for the most part, people have fallen in love with Nicholas and Julia as I have.

Writing about vampires and mermaids isn’t a surprise either. I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, scared of Jaws or not. I’d live in Big Sur if I were one. And Brad Pitt on the screen forever captured my love for dangerous vampires (though I don’t really like the movie today). Buffy and Blade defined the true vampiric creatures of the night for my stories. Everblue was more of an experiment to see if I could pull off two POV’s, first person.

Three years later, my son is doing awesome, my writing career has taken off, and I didn’t get lost in mommyhood. Here, I have something that’s all mine and I love my fans dearly. Writing has brought some of the neatest people into my life and shown me something I’m truly good at. So, I plan to write as long as readers continue to enjoy my stories and get lost with my characters.

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  1. I love your story Brenda, it's very inspiring. Anytime someone breaks the mold and does it all I want to stand up and cheer! And who doesn't love mermaids?!