Author Resources

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully some of the fellow book lovers who have helped us out can do the same for you!

If you need a blog tour:
Tested and approved:
Tribute Books Blog Tours

Lady Amber's Tours

C.B.B. Book Promotions

Xpresso Book Tours

On the lookout to test soon:

Website Designer:
Tested and approved:
Inside the Kaleidoscope


On the lookout to test soon:

If you need a cover artist:
Tested and approved:
Mae I Design
(Best known covers include: Flutter, Wicked Fate, The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden and more)

(Best known covers include: Unlocked, River Cast, Her Own Devices, Rippler and more)

(Best known covers include: Night Sky, Insight, See and more)

Silviya Yordanova - Morteque
(Best known covers include: Burning Bridges, Deceiving Destiny, Night of the Purple Moon and more)

Emma Michaels
(best known covers include: Until Next Time, Owlet, Thundering Luv, Raven and Sovereign Hope)

On the lookout to test soon:!custom/cee5!/NovelIdeaDesigns?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite!

If you need an editor:
Tested and approved:
The Write Companion

The Fiction Doctor

I'm a Book Shark

On the lookout to test soon:!editorial-services

If you need help formatting:
Tested and approved:

On the lookout to test soon:

Blog Ads
(Many book bloggers use this service)

E-book cards for signings and PR

Swag Idea- Personalized M&Ms

Personalized Wedding Favors Work as Swag 

Indie Assist
(Not yet tested)

Unique Swag Ideas with Cafe Press

Unique One of a Kind Swag

Mini Book Charms


Book Trailers

Audiobook Mastering and Proofing

3D Ebook Rendering


  1. Great list! But you need to add: Parajunkee Designs. She does all my book trailers, book covers, website and blog designs, etc.

    1. Thanks Sherry! I added Rachel to the list and am actually surprised I forgot her. lol. Added some other new links as well. <3

  2. Add I'm a Book Shark to Editing. Michelle is awesome!

    1. Awesome! Thank you Rhiannon, I added her to the list! <3

  3. WOW absolutely awesome. Thank you Emma, I really needed this help!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Can you please add to your cover artist section? We also do 3D rendering and swag design. We just started out and would love to be a part of your amazing resource!

  5. Thanks for this lists..very helpful ;)

    Jane@Impression EMEDIA