Monday, May 6, 2013

This Week Only!

As some of you know I've been good on posting new short stories every so while to keep things interesting. So far I have four, (one of which I recently came out with in an anthology, then independantly published it on Knidle) and I'm sure you've heard about them from me about a hundred times. Well, here I am again mentioning them!

But this time is different. Three of my short stories will be FREE on Amazon Kindle for this week only! Beginning today, May 6th, and ending Friday May 10th, my short stories The Fox In The Field, Carpe Diem, and The Werewolf's Mate will be available for free download!

To refresh your memory, here are the summaries:

The Fox In The Field

David Carlyle and his fiancée Candice are on vacation in Ireland. But exploring the beautiful scenery around Haggard has not numbed over the troubles of their soon-to-be marriage.

David is plagued by Candice's strange behavior and distant attitude, but, none of this matters when David's life is forever changed the day he spots a peculiar little fox trudging through the hills with a mystical plan of its own.
Carpe Diem

James is dead.

All it took was a quick flash, a crack, and then a loud thud. After waking in a world of endless gray he meets a man named Bud who claims to be what he calls "The Guide." James follows Bud through levels of his own mind, discovering that the afterlife isn’t like he thought it would be and that the secret to life isn’t so secret after all.
The Werewolf's Mate

Cassie’s life is perfect. She lives in a decently sized apartment in uptown Boston, has a caring sister and rich step-brother who sends her money, and has found her Mate – the true love of her life. Darren is a compassionate young man who treats Cassie well, and she beleives nothing will come between them…until Claire Collins comes into the picture. Claire is an old friend of Darren’s, and has recently been turned into a vampire with one goal in mind: to steal Darren from Cassie. Cassie will not stand for this undead freak trying to steal her Mate, so she decides to show Claire what it means to step onto a werewolf’s territory.

Make sure to pick up a copy before this sale ends! And it'd be super awesome if you left a review! It would definitely make my day!
-Michael L.

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