Friday, May 17, 2013

Help build a library In Africa

October last year I launched my first Novel at a school venue where I had decided to equally divide all proceeds between Avalon Private School, and Starfish Greathearts foundation in South Africa. I was so happy with the efforts and results that I have decided to make it an annual book drive. This year we will carry on accepting paperbacks and ebooks (in epub version only) to fill the shelves to the brim at Avalon Private school, thus adding more reading pleasure to their newly established library. Next year I have decided to help build a library at a hospital in our area. 
Libraries and reading are quickly becoming less of an enjoyment or art form in our schools, everywhere. In South Africa I could probably count on my one hand how many local schools actually boast a library. We need books desperately in South Africa. I am not only accepting children’s books but I think it’s time South African youth find out what Young Adult books can show, teach and evoke within them. By exposing these young adults and children to the wild, exciting worlds we create we can breed a best seller author for sure. Share your dream, build a dream, and ignite the future with us! 

Avalon Now has a library! Thanks to your efforts:

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How can you help?

If you should be interested please fill in the contact form on the linked page,  leave a comment with your email , or add the help build a library badge in Africa to your site and link it here:

Thank you! 

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