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Interview with Linda Harley


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Are the traits of anyone close to you apparent in your characters?

I would have to say Lord Kyle, he is loyal and patient just like me dad.

Who do you feel is your most unique character?

My most unique character and the most fun to write is George the poodolian. He is like a curious George, always getting into trouble but at the same time saving Lynn in the nick of time. In book 1, he hasn’t learned to talk yet, but some surprises await for him as the series continue.

If you could have any extraordinary gift or super power what would it be and why?

I would want to be able to draw or make film, since then I would be able to show the world what I see playing off in my mind’s eye, as is I’m stuck to crafting the words on the page and hoping the reader has an even wilder imagination than I do.

What would you like for readers to take away from your novel/novels?

First, that girls can be scientists too, they can be intelligent and just as outgoing and important as boys. Although 50% of college graduates are females, less than 10% of todays companies have CEO’s who are female. I want my readers to be inspired that they too can go after their dreams, even though the odds may seem against them.

Second, that there is no need for people to fit into molds. People need to break out of their molds, and experience life in the fullest as opposed to just following what has been always prescribed for them to do. Change it up, do something you may not have dreamed about, push your limits and reach for your dreams.

Where do you do your best writing? Do you like to have certain surroundings?

In my bedroom, under my comforter with a cup of tea in hand and my notebook on my lap.

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