Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Magic Warble and The Black Shard

My novels, The Magic Warble and The Black Shard, are fantasy stories, listed as Juvenile fiction. Even though labeled for kids and teens, I know that some of us seasoned adults still have a trace of that childlike wonder in us that provokes us to escape into a magical world every now and then … at least I still do. 

Growing up reading C.S. Lewis’s beloved Narnia Chronicles has influenced me in writing The Magic Warble, a story about a 12 year old girl named Kristina Kingsly. She hates to go to school because she doesn’t fit in. She’s bullied by some of her peers, and they make her daily life miserable. I created this aspect of my main character's life because as a child I had experienced dealing with bullies in school, and I remember hating to go because of them.

The Black Shard is the sequel to The Magic Warble and takes place 3 years later, when Kristina is 15 years old. She and her school-mates are once again magically transported back to the land of Bernovem. This story is not only filled with adventure, intrigue, suspense but it also deals with those first feelings of teenage love.

The Magic Warble & The Black Shard's underlying message is one of faith, hope, perseverance, friendship and love.

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