Monday, April 30, 2012

Reader Interview

Interview with a reader
by Devyn Dawson

Recently I had the opportunity to interview two fabulous readers of young adult books.  It was really fun to read what they have to say.... I will list them with only the first initial of their name.  I'm doing this as a top secret...shhhhhhh type of post.  (I'm flipping the collar up on my long trench and pulling down my hat to cover my eyes)

1.  What is the first thing that attracts you to a book?

J.  (looks around to make sure no one is reading over his/her shoulder) Well to be completely honest, the cover catches my eye first. But the deciding factor is the description.  Then it has to grab me within the first few chapters. I just can’t read a book that doesn’t catch me within the first few chapters. J  Don’t get me wrong the cover isn’t all that important I have read some really good books with really simple covers or no covers at all. (DD -  I admit, the cover sells me too!)
B.  (hides in locked bedroom to answer question)  The cover is the first thing to catch my attention, but the blurb on the back is what leads me to actually buy the book or not.  (DD - I never read the blurb...isn't that horrible?)

2. What type of book do you like to read?9

J.  (grins) Fiction, YA Novels, I do like some Non-Fictions. I love me some Vampires and Werewolves LOL. J My sister and I are constantly telling each other what book we are reading and saying which ones to read.  What I haven’t found to read yet she has and vise-versa. As long as it has a good story line and catches my attention. I love me a GOOD book that I just can’t put down.  (DD - Me too!)

B.  I love all types of fiction books, but I don’t care for nonfiction at all. I prefer Young Adult and Romance but also enjoy a good Mystery or Sci-Fi book as well.

3.  If you wrote yourself into a book, what kind of character would you be?

J.  HMMMMMM.. Well I would want to be a strong character. One that can kick butt and Stand up for herself.  When I read a really good book I throw myself into that character and it makes the book that much better, I feel with the character, I cry with them LOL (I know I’m a J ) I have read about so many characters that would be awesome I can’t really pin-point exactly which one I would want to be.  (DD  I cry during the sad scenes I write.  I'd be strong too!)
B.  (smiles and lifts eyebrow) I would be the nerdy sidekick.  (DD - Batman was nothing without Robin)

4.  In an amusement park, what do you gravitate to first?
J.   U,mmmmm. That’s a toughie.. I don’t go to amusement parks much. I’m not a big roller-coaster person. But at an amusement park I really like to browse all the little shops and booths just to see what they have.

B.  (without hesitation)  Since I hate roller coasters with a passion, I’d have to say the carousel.  (DD - Oh, I'm a roller coaster person!)

5.  Do you like characters that have flaws, or do you like them perfect?

J.   (raises hand to answer question, then remembers it is an email questionnaire)  I think the flaws is what makes us unique. If every character were perfect, the book wouldn’t be all that great. In my opinion it would be pretty boring. In the flaws you can really see who a person is. 

B.  Absolutely, flawed. Perfect characters would be boring and not worth reading.  ( ME - too true, less than perfect, makes one perfect....I'm feeling poetic) 

6.  Male lead or female?  

J.  Ooooohhhhhhh. Well I think a good book has both. But it really depends on the book. Some books are kick A@# with just one or the other.  (DD - I like both)

B.  Either, it really depends on the story.

7.  You go to a cupcake bakery, what kind of cupcake do you get?

J.  Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate. LOL  J If another one catches my eye I’ll try it but Chocolate is the Norm. 

B.  Yellow cake, chocolate frosting. (Oh..... ME TOO!  I need a cupcake now)

8.  What book are you waiting on pins and needles for in 2012?

J.        Quite a few actually. 
            Taken by storm (Raised by wolves #3), The next Intertwined book though I’m not sure when that comes out. The Enchantress (the immortal Nicholas Flamel #6), The next Full Moon series book don’t know when that comes out either. Lol. Out of the Dark (Grey Wolves series #4 DD - oh good one!) The next book in the Brookehaven Vampires series, The next light tamer book, ;) The next in The Legacy of Kilkenny DD - ME TOO!. The next Significance Novel books. LOL There are some more but those are just to name a few. Lol I read a lot of series they are my favorite (DD  I'll check a couple of those out!)

B.  Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick!  

9.  What is your favorite book you’ve read in the last month?  Last year?  All time?

J.  Well to be completely honest. I don’t think I could name just one.. I have read soooooo many good books lately that I have a ton of Faves.. When I was little it was “Stand back the elephants going to sneeze”, the “Bernstein Bears” and the Disney books.  I would have to say of all time… man.. I really don’t know.. there is just too many good books for me to leave out if I named just one..  (DD - Are you a politician?  So diplomatic, but I'm the same!)

B  The Clockwork Three in the last month. Just One Drop from the last year. Ransom by Julie Garwood is my all time favorite.  (DD - I need to read the second in the Clockwork one)

10.  If you’ve read The Light Tamer, what would the playlist be?
J.  I honestly don’t know. When I read I don’t really picture a play list. Well sometimes when I’m reading I can picture what is playing in the background by mood or scene but I couldn’t pin-point what it is. For a movie of the light Tamer (which there totally should be ;)) I think it would have some Mystery, some romance, some pop, well ya know I think a little bit of everything. lol But I really don’t know what the playlist would be to be honest.. lol  

B.  I haven’t read it yet!  (DD - I hope that answer has changed... LOL)

Thank you so much J & B for this fun interview!

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