Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's

I've never been very good at playing tricks. Every April Fool's Day when I was a kid, I'd try silly tricks on my brothers and sister, such as telling them there was a bug on their head. Nothing very exciting. Honestly, I've always been too worried about making people upset to really play tricks on them.

But I love playing tricks with my characters. Troy High was my chance to play all the pranks I'd never have the guts to actually pull! My favorite pranks in that book? The spaghetti prank. I just had a lot of fun thinking of what the two schools could do to each other.

And really that's what both April Fool's Day and writing are about--having fun. While I try not to be mean to people in real life, I do enjoy being mean to my characters. Because when I'm being mean to them I'm having the most fun writing about their reactions and seeing what they'll do next.

So this April Fool's Day, go ahead and play some tricks on your characters, something they'll never expect, and then see what they do with it!

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