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Character Interview with Pru Phelan

Character Interview with Pru Phelan from the book - The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson

I had the opportunity to sit down with Pru Phelan the alpha’s daughter in The Legacy of Kilkenny.  We sat down in her favorite coffee shop on the edge of Oklahoma City. 

In The Legacy of Kilkenny, you and Oakley teach Abel how to fight and protect himself.  Who trained you?  

I’ve been around the pack my entire life and physical fitness is imperative for survival.  Parker is one of our trainers in martial arts.  I’m one step away from earning my red belt in Okinawan Karate.  Parker has the title of shihan, a grandmaster of weaponry and an owner of a red belt.  I’ll beat him though, I will take my test as soon as I get back from Paris.  Basically, we all have areas that we excel in, so we all work together.

Okay, I have to ask…what is your favorite sport?

Basketball!  Can you say Thunder?  Thunder up baby, all the way!

I love the fact that you’re so confident in the book.  You seem to have a real grasp at the task at hand and you’re very focused.  What do you think influenced you to be so confident?

My mom Dolly is a strong woman and she has this wonderful soft side too.  I’m probably more like her than my father; he is the strong quiet type.  I mean, yeah he is the alpha and we’d be a fool to doubt his strength but I can honestly say I’m not the quiet type.  *laughing*

Everyone wants to know what it’s like to dream walk.  What does it feel like to step into someone’s dream?

She picks up her coffee cup and takes a big drink, looking around the 70’s throwback room.   In the beginning it was a very odd feeling.  You know that feeling that you’re doing something sinister but you can’t help yourself?  Have you ever been on a really scary ride, like that one that you stand up on this big circle and it spins around going up on its side… and when it feels like you can handle the spinning, the bottom drops out?  It is like that. 

Wow!  Have you ever walked into a *eh hem* naughty dream?

No!  Oh wow, no way.  The closest I’ve ever come to something like that would be one of the guys, and I’m not say which one…..well, he was making out with the lady from 7-11.  I left just as quickly.  I couldn’t look him in the face for a week!

Have you tried to go into a dream and couldn't?

Oh have I ever.  It isn’t as easy as you’d think it would be.  I don’t dream walk every night though, only when I want to mess with someone or get information that couldn’t wait.  I try not to interrupt anyone in the pack, but sometimes it just happens.  I’ve got better control of it now, but when I was younger I was popping in and out of everyone’s dreams.  There is a way to block me from walking on you, but the only person I’ve shown it to is my dad.  As you know, I don’t really advertise that I dream walk so we should keep it just for your readers.

Speaking of things not to advertise, tell me about the tattoo behind your ear.

I’m sorry, that is something I don’t talk about.  Sorry.

Everyone wants to know more about that hottie Oakley, he’s your bodyguard correct? 

Yes, Oakley is my bodyguard.  That sounds silly doesn’t it?  I hear from everyone how hot he is.  He’s alright….who am I kidding, he is totally amazing.  I wish everyone knew how well he paints, he is very talented.  He and I have a lot of fun training Abel, it is almost like the three of us have been friends our entire life.

How old are you and Oakley?

I’m 18 and he is 22.  I’ll be 19 soon.  We don’t really notice any age difference, we have a lot of things in common.  Well, not everything.  His weird obsession with 1980’s music is enough to drive a person crazy.  Not the AC/DC kind of stuff, no he is into 80’s rap and all that techno strange music.  Abel and I have music in common and we say extra prayers for Oakley that he’ll find his way.  *laughing*

Speaking of Abel how do you think Abel will be as the Great Wolf?

I can honestly say that I think Abel will be amazing.  He has all of the right tools to be TGW.  He has a good head on his shoulders, and at the same time he is quick on his feet.  He has had to have a crash course on werewolves and what we’re about and he gets it.  He really gets it.  I think his weakness is his family, mainly his sister Allie.  Don’t get me started about her and her love for vampires.  She has disappointed me like no one ever has.  I hear her diary is going to be published on Oct 31, 2011 - it is called The Seduction - a Legacy of Kilkenny Novelette.

I had no idea.  What is it about?

Apparently the vampire-lover left her diary about her day to day life and how she found out her boyfriend is a vampire.  It isn’t very big - that is why they call it a Novelette.

I think people will want to know more about The Legacy of Kilkenny, where can they find out more?

If you’d like to hear more about The Legacy of Kilkenny, please visit  www.devyndawson.com  and like me of Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Devyn-Dawson/145383098868553

The Legacy of Kilkenny book trailer - http://youtu.be/dchkwF1Jb8E

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