Friday, April 13, 2012

Interview with Suzy Turner

 Hey all you reader and writers! Emma Michaels here to introduce our guest author of the day:  
Suzy Turner!
 Hello Suzy and welcome to The Writers Voice!
Is there anything you’d like to go back one year and tell yourself?

I would go back and tell myself to get my butt in gear and get my books written and published on Amazon! I never even thought about self-publishing until earlier this year. I wish I'd have done it sooner, as I've had some incredible response to The Raven Saga!

Who are the writers who've inspired you the most?

I'm going to be really predictable and say JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer, not just because they had such massive success stories, but because they helped make the fantasy genre become even more popular. Every time I read about them, it makes me want to write the very best that I can. I'd also say Margaret Atwood. Her book, The Handmaid's Tale, inspired me when I was younger. It's an incredible dystopian tale that gives me the shivers!
I also like to write chick lit and an interview in Cosmo Magazine with Jenny Colgan inspired me to write my very first chick lit book over a decade ago.

Was there ever a time you felt like giving up? Why didn't you?

I had my first negative review the other day and it made me consider it. When someone tears your work apart like that, it really hurts. Just for a moment, I believed that I wasn't any good... and then I read all the other fabulous reviews I've had and I spoke to some of my best author pals online who made me see sense! My husband was also very supportive and I realise now that not everyone is going to like what I read. I need to toughen up a bit!

Who is one person in the past or present who you felt was truly visionary?

Literature-wise, I would say Arthur C Clarke... his sci-fi books, written far ahead of their time, were simply amazing, truly inspiring. One of my favourite books as a child was Islands In The Sky - it was fantastic.
I'd also go off the subject of literature and say Richard Branson. I recently read that phase one of the world's first commercial spaceport is nearly finished. He has such an amazing vision and he is seeing it through. Incredible.

J.K. Rowling and other authors are known for the ‘Easter eggs’ they hide in their books. Do you have any Easter eggs in your stories?

I wish I did but I have to say that I haven't actually done this... so far. You've given me some ideas now though!

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

I changed my mind rather a lot, but as a child I remember wanting to be an archaeologist. When I was older, I wanted to be a psychologist, but sadly my psychology teacher died and the small college I was attending couldn't find a replacement so I had to give it up.

Thank you for joining us Suzy! 
To all our readers our there thank you for following The Writers Voice and happy reading!
P.S.- Happy Friday the 13th!

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