Friday, April 27, 2012

Interview with Samantha Young

 Hey all you reader and writers! Emma Michaels here to introduce our guest author of the day:
Samantha Young!
Hello back Samantha and welcome to The Writers Voice!
What makes you feel like you’re reading or have read a truly amazing book?

When I close the last page and my chest is physically aching for the characters and what they’ve been through.

How did you find your cover?

Most of my covers are non-copyright images I’ve bought and manipulated on Photoshop. But my cover for Slumber and Smokeless Fire are the amazing creations of the extremely talented Claudia McKinney at Phatpuppy Art -

When you are reading which do you prefer: 
paperback, hardcover or e-book 
I used to prefer paperback but my kindle has definitely become my favorite over the last few months. I love it!

Current favorite band:
The Airborne Toxic Event

Best movie you have ever seen:
Ooohh, that’s too difficult. I can’t just choose one. I’ll give you the first one that comes off the top of my head – The Dark Knight.

In the world currently so many people have self esteem issues. Name one thing you like about yourself!

My ability to laugh at myself – I don’t take offense easily and I can admit when I’m wrong about something.

Thank you for joining us Samantha!
To all our readers our there thank you for following The Writers Voice and happy reading!

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