Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interview with Victoria Simcox

Do you ever get writers block? How do you suggest aspiring authors overcome their own bouts of writers block?

 I used to get writer's block, but then I realized it came to me when I got too stressed out and felt like I was pressured to write. I had to remind myself why I started writing to begin with—because I enjoyed it, not because I had too; then I relaxed. If you are an aspiring author and going through writer's block and feeling like there's nothing you can come up with to write about, or your imagination has run dry, then take a day off—go see a flick, or do something you enjoy to relax. You'll be surprised how ideas come to you when you're in a happy relaxed state of mind.

What do you feel is your biggest writer fault and how do you deal with it?

I tend to over edit my work. I still have to figure out how to deal with it,  lol.

What is your favorite point of view to write from? Do you have any particular reason?

 I usually write from second person point of view, so I'd say that. But maybe if I start another series after the one I'm working on know, I might try first person—add a little pizzazz to my writing life.

World building is such an important part of writing. What is your world building process like for you?

When I start world building, I start with the physical environment that my characters reside in, climate, terrain, etc. Also such things as the culture, the type of society, and there is much more. A lot is involved but to think it up is also part of why I like to write, to create my very own world is amazing and a lot of fun.

What's your writing routine? Do you write in the mornings, nights, daily, or when the mood strikes you?

I write whenever I can, morning, afternoon, night. I take my lap-top on the road, and if I have time to kill, I'll write anywhere. If I waited for a certain mood than I probably wouldn't write much. It's more of a discipline; though once I get started my creativity just starts a flowin‘.

What is your biggest pet peeve in writing?

 I wish I was a faster writer and had more hours in the day to write. Because my life is filled with home schooling, teaching, housework, chauffeuring, fundraising, managing my kids band, and much more, I can't always spend as much time at writing that I would like.

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