Monday, June 4, 2012

50 Shades of Procrastination

Devyn Dawson

    I scowl at the laptop in frustration.  Damn that book, damn that deadline, damn those words that won't come.  I should be writing...but I'm petting my cat and watching Ellen.  The doorbell rings and I run down the stairs to answer the door.  I sign the UPS guy's clipboard.  As he walks off, I notice that the grass hasn't been cut.  I walk into the kitchen to call the lawn guy...I clear my dry throat to leave a message.  I forgot about my cup of coffee, I'm sure it's cold.  I start a fresh pot of coffee.  I remember that I have to write a note to write in a new character by the name of Braun, which sounds like brew.  Where is a pen when I need one?  I rummage through the drawer and not only find a pen but a pair of toenail clippers too.  I run into the bathroom and clip my fingernails.  I notice the laundry hamper is full, I go and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.  The cat is running through my feet, telling me to feed him.  Crap, what will I cook for dinner?  I run in the garage and grab something out of the freezer, I see the caulking gun on the table by the that is where I put it.  I grab it so I don't forget to go outside and caulk the windows.  It's Wednesday, that means I have to tweet about 'Writer Wednesday'...where did I set my coffee down?  Oh hell, I forgot to hit the brew button.  My puppy runs up and rings his bell, which means he has to go potty.  I grab his harness and his leash and go outside.  The neighbor stops me and asks if I'll sign her copy of my book for her granddaughter. We chat for a few minutes and promise to get together soon. I hurry the dog to do his thing, but he wants to mark all of the mailboxes...he's very diligent about marking mailboxes.  I walk into the house and smell the coffee, oh heaven is real.  I sit down with my laptop, completely focused on writing....I open up the document and read the last couple of pages to get the feeling of the words.  What on earth was I thinking about when I wrote that paragraph?  I better check my book sales, because they may have changed dramatically since the last time I checked.  Facebook is still open from earlier in the morning, one of my groups has had a lot of activity.  I better check it out, something major may have happened.  Do I have a doctor appointment tomorrow?  I check my calendar, I know not to trust it...I should call.  After a quick call, I find I do have an appointment.  Since tomorrow will be a wash, I will double up on my daily goal. Instead of 3 thousand words, I'm sure I can squeeze out 6.   How many words did I write today?

I wonder what Christian is doing?  I think I'll send him an email.  A nice cup of Twinings English Breakfast Tea should get the creative juices flowing.  I bite my lower lip as I wait for his reply to my email.  I drink my tea and feel tired from a long night.  I'm going to close my eyes, a fifteen minute nap won't hurt anything.....

Some days go very similar to the above story.... I'm a self-diagnosed A.D.D. sufferer.  Happy writing... now stop reading blogs and go write!

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  1. -sees all the tabs of blog posts open-

    But Mrs. Dawson, I'll get to revising--one day.