Thursday, June 21, 2012

Interactive Indie!!

On Being an Interactive Indie

So, readers like participating. That’s what I’ve heard. I know it makes a huge difference when an author engages me, personally. I’m doing my best to encourage my readers to have an active hand in my series, because at the end of the day, I wrote it for them.  And I want to share how much fun I’m having! That’s what it’s all about, right?

This is something I LOVE about being Indie. Many people would argue that the benefits for being traditionally published outweigh the cons, but I have to say… I’m enjoying being able to share my passion my way. I get to do everything the way I dream of doing it- things I probably wouldn’t have been able to do while adhering to the strict constraints imposed upon me by a publishing house. I can read and comment on any book I like without them having to come from the same publisher. I can help other people (this is HUGE!) whenever I feel like it, without considering them my enemy. I can release my book when I want to release my book, not when it slots in nicely with other releases coming out at a certain time, or in eighteen months because the people in charge are just too busy to get it out any earlier.

Being Indie is basically badass. And I want to share every step of it. In light of that, I’m introducing…

Operation: Find Daniel

I can’t describe how exciting it is to be on the cusp of releasing Sovereign Hope. I literally have to fight myself daily not to just give in and release it already! But where would be the sense in that? It’s out on the 1st of July, and I should surely be able to wait ten days…


I should be thinking about other things, anyway. Like making the second book, Eternal Hope, awesome! I’ve been busy busting my guts working on Eternal Hope while preparing to send Sovereign out into the world, and it’s all but finished. There’s just one piece of the puzzle troubling me.

The cover!!!!

The talented Emma Michaels designed the cover of Sovereign hope for me, and it’s so, so beautiful. It makes me all warm and fuzzy just looking at it! I’ve lost count of all the wonderful compliments I’ve had on her work. But I want to do something different with the cover of Eternal Hope. I want to find the PERFECT person to pose as Daniel, and with that in mind, everyone over at camp has been helping to roll out Operation: Find Daniel.

What does this operation involve? Well, ideally it involves reading Sovereign Hope to meet Daniel and get a firm sense of him in your mind! Once heads have been filled head with all things Daniel, I need people to help me find him! I don’t care if he’s already a professional model, your boyfriend, your brother’s best friend… I don’t care if he’s your milkman!

I’m inviting readers to (get permission) and send me pics of their Daniel picks! The best ones will go on the site for people to discuss! I’m so excited to see the submissions! The most, absolutely, fantastically perfect submission for Daniel will be contacted to pose for the cover, which will undoubtedly be just as beautiful as Sovereign Hope’s!

How do you all get your readers engaged with your stories? What amazing fan art or correspondences have you been lucky enough to receive? I’m dying to know!!!


  1. What a cool idea! I hope you get tons of entrants and find the perfect Daniel.

  2. thanks, Heather!!! I hope so, too! I've had some really great submissions so far