Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 Things You Things You Probably Don't Know About The Magic Warble

1) The character Hester Crumeful in my story was created after a girl in my second through fourth grade school years, who had a similar name and wore a different colored bow in her hair each day of the week.

2) The character Graham Kepler was created after a red haired, squinty eyed, freckled faced boy that I remember from my Kindergarten through second grade year when going to school in Scarborough Ontario Canada. He was about thirteen years old, and was a bully who especially harassed girls younger them him.

3) I have an old burgundy hatbox sitting on an upper shelf in my bedroom closet. It was one of my inspirations for writing The Magic Warble.

4) Bernovem has the same letters as the month November.

5) The main character Kristina who is twelve and a half is named after my daughter Kristina who was the same age at the time I was writing The Magic Warble.

6) Kristina in the book may be named after my daughter Kristina, but their personalities are different and I don't consider them to be same person.

7) Raymond was named after one of my kid's many pet rats. Unfortunately our Raymond passed away of old age.

8) Originally the title of the book was going to be "The Magic Warball" but I ended up changing it to the "The Magic Warble" because I liked the sound of it better.

9) Amanda Swanson, the illustrator of The Magic Warble, was twenty one years old when she illustrated the book. She created the characters appearances solely out of her imagination.

10) The sequel to TMW is now available. Check it out @

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