Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meet guest author Lenore Wolfe

I remember the first time I thought that I should write. I was in my early 20s, and it wasn't long before it became my passion. Still, I would struggle with this passion inside me for many more years. It was a passion that would not die, though I tried to tamp it down, even when I had no time, or energy, left for writing after working all day.

I had sat down with an old typewriter over 25 years ago. I was interupted when I went to Barrow, Alaska for nearly 2 years, but when I returned, this time I brought back some experience with computers, so I went gone out and bought my first desktop. I finished, To Tame a Wild Hawk, entered, and won, a contest--but I still did not publish it for over 15 years.

Instead, I got a divorce and became involved with a man who would take me on a brutal roller-coaster ride. I would fight as he tried to squash out my love for writing the first few years, and then withdraw when he tried to support it for the last few years--and though I won Midwest Writers most promising writers award, I still did not try to publish--until after I broke free.

Then, two years ago, I sat down and cleaned up my story the best that I could and self- published it on Amazon. Later, I cleaned it up some more, put a new cover on it and also placed it on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. It wasn't long after that, as I bumped along, learning how to blog and put up websites, that I found an editor and on a barter system, wrote a second book, this time the first in a paranormal series, and with her help, cleaned them both up yet again.

I saw the pattern towards ereaders building during that time, and I knew that we were heading towards revolutionizing the way we publish, but even I didn't see how fast that would take place. Within the year, it went from Amazon can hurt your future publishing opportunities--to Amazon is the future of publishing opportunities. Now, you can make a name for yourself and even pick up more great publishing opportunities because of Amazon. Should you chose, you can let yourself get picked up by a more traditional publisher, or you can build yourself into a New York Best Seller--all on Amazon yourself. It is all in how hard you're willing to work for it.

Currently, Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk, made #3 on Kindles Top 100 Free reads, and stayed within the Top Paid 100 for several more weeks after that, and now, a small romance publishing company is considering picking up the series. I don't know if I will go with them or continue on my own, but I am considering my options. Not bad for a struggling girl who use wrote the first of this series while living on top a mountain:)

I just finished the first book, The Fallen One, in the series, Sons of the Dark Mother. The second in that series, Embraced by Shadow, is due out in July, 2012 The second book in my romance, Dark Warrior: Kid is due out this summer. And the second book, Jaguar Witch, in Children of Atlantis, is due out in April.

I also have two YA series coming out: Realm of the Elemental Witch and Realm of the Jaguar Witch. The first books of these two series is also due out this summer.

I feel blessed to finally follow my dreams, and I look forward to your feedback:)

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~Lenore Wolfe~~

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  1. I enjoyed getting to know more of your story, Lenore! Thanks for dropping by and sharing it with us.