Sunday, January 29, 2012

A love of revisions

I've read and heard lots of writers moan about revisions, but I have to admit something: I actually like revising more than first drafting!

I'm in the middle of revisions on one project, so this has been on my mind a lot lately. I never feel like I really know the story or the characters until the first draft is written. It's going to be messy and terrible, and really, I just want to get the first draft over with so I can delve in deeper and turn that mess into something worth all my hard work. Revisions allow me to get to know the characters better and understand what they really want out of the story. Why do they do certain things? Why did this character say that? Why is this important to her, and why does this other character think it's more important to him? I get to answer all those questions during revisions. The first draft is my basic framework. Revisions make it pretty.

What about you? Do you like revisions or first drafting better? In the future, I'll share some of my favorite processes for revising, but feel free to tell me about your revision method in the comments!


  1. I love first drafts. I love how the story just whisks me away and surprises me. This year, I'm concentrating on revising. It's harder for me, but I'm not hating it as much as I once did.

  2. I love first drafting when I see the story first come to life. I admit...I'm not a fan of revising. Maybe you can do all my revising and I'll do all your first drafts. Lol

  3. Christine - I have to remind myself to focus on the first draft while I'm working on it and not be in a rush to get to revisions. I do like the surprises that first drafts can give me, but they are definitely the harder part for me!

    Miranda - Ha, that sounds like a great plan! :D Sometimes I really do wish I had someone to write the first draft for me so I can just dive straight into revisions and fix everything.

  4. Hmm...not certain which part I prefer. All of my major writing this year has been first-drafted during NaNoWriMo, which means I completely let go and let the story tell itself to me. Then I go back and order everything into readable prose.

    The joy of first drafts is that everything is a surprise. Your characters are talking to you and revealing themselves.

    The joy of later drafts is that you know what's happening, and can focus on good writing. Also, other people can read them. And sharing is exciting :)