Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Christmas Surprise

MY HAIR IS GONE! Muahahaha.

Okay, for my Christmas present to myself I wanted to do something nice for others. I couldn’t exactly afford to help out any of the foundations I try to follow this year so I found something I could do without having to spend. I donated to Locks of Love.



Some of my family members know and others don't. Hi family! All of my life my hair has been the one thing I got compliments on. The one aspect of myself that I actually liked and around the holiday season I was sitting there and thinking about how much I wanted to help someone, to make someone I didn't know feel special and unique. So I decided to give them the thing that has always made me feel that way in the hopes that it might do the same for them. My hair was down to my tailbone so I was able to donate well over a foot and still have it at shoulder length!

To whomever gets my hair and anyone else who might need it:

You are special. Never forget that each star in the sky is unique and beautiful, just like you and the people around you. If you ever need a reminder then just wait until everyone is dreaming and look up. The world is a beautiful place and you don't need to travel far to see it. I grew up in and out of the hospital and while I may not have gotten to go outside the US or go on vacations or trips, I got to see beauty in the most unexpected places. I got to see newly born children, nurses who had their jobs because they really did love and care about everyone they met, families who came together and made a difference for the people they loved and so much more. The most powerful thing I got to see was a life being saved.

No matter what your life holds, look around you and you will find more beauty than you ever imagined possible as long as you pay close attention. I truly hope, with all my heart, that all your dreams come true.

Emma Michaels


  1. That was a wonderful thing to do. :) I do that every two years. My hair grows really fast.

  2. It looks great! And a great thing to do. :)