Monday, January 23, 2012

Character Interview: Amber Hopkins from BECOMING

Today, I'm happy to engage in some Q&A with Amber Hopkins from my book Becoming (Book One of the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy). Some of these questions were posed to me via my website, and the others I came up with because I thought readers would enjoy learning more about Amber. Although it took some doing, she transitioned back to the human plane just to participate in this interview.

Welcome, Amber, and thanks for making the effort to be here!

Amber: No prob. Not sure what all the fuss is about, though.

I can understand why you'd say that, seeing as how you spent the first eighteen years of your life trying to stay out of the spotlight. I'm sure it wasn't easy moving from foster home to foster home as you grew up. Don't suppose you'd like to discuss those mysterious surges you experienced that led to those displacements?

Amber (quirking eyebrow): No.

That's what I thought. Oookay...on to other things. What was it like growing up with Mrs. B?

Amber: It was pretty cool. Mrs. B gave me the support I needed when I thought no one would. People might think that Gabriel and I got picked on in school because of our status as foster kids and, well, because Mrs. B is black and we're not. But Gabriel's popularity kept that from being an issue. Since I had enough issues, I'll just say that's a good thing.

I'm sure it's safe to say that you don't want to discuss why you had those issues...

Amber: Safe to say. Trust me, it isn't interview material.

Got it. All right, then. Tell us what it was like growing up with Gabriel.

Amber (turning red): What is there to say? We met when we were twelve. He became my best friend. That's it, really.

What are some of the things you did together as you were growing up? What drew you together as friends?

Amber: Well, he helped me train as I learned karate. He'd run with me every morning, too, since I was on the track team and it also helped him stay in shape. He played just about every sport he could. Oh--and music. We liked to jam in the garage whenever Mrs. B let us.

Jam? Readers know that you play the guitar, but what about Gabriel?

Amber: He can play the guitar some, too, but he prefers the drums. Mrs. B got him an old set when he was ten and he picked it up by listening to his favorite CDs and imitating the rhythms. We both learned to play by ear. There wasn't any money for lessons on top of the karate.

Understandable. I have to say, Gabriel sure is amazing! He's gorgeous, funny, gentlemanly and charismatic (and let's not forget loving!). Does he have any faults?

Amber (snorting): Of course he does. He's extremely protective. When we were in school, the fact that he stood up for me so often made some kids think that I couldn't hold my own. Now that we're on the Estilorian plane, he's eased up a bit...but that irritating over-protectiveness still comes through every so often. If you didn't already guess, I can protect myself.

Of course you can! Gosh, seeing the two of you down the road with kids--

Amber: Kids? I think you're getting ahead of yourself here.

I guess you're right. We'll leave those questions for the Firstborn trilogy! Why don't we round this out with some fun, quick-answer questions?

Amber: Sure. I'll answer if I want to.

Okay. Chocolate or vanilla?

Amber: Vanilla.

Dogs or cats?

Amber: Neither. Animals and I never seem to click.

Books or movies?

Amber: That's tough. I do like to read, but probably movies. Especially action movies. None of that sappy stuff.

Favorite color?

Amber: Blue

Are you just saying that because Gabriel's eyes fluctuate between blue-gray and dark blue?

Amber: I'd never say something as cheesy as that.

At least not in public, right?

Well, I'm grateful that Amber was able to sneak away from the Estilorian plane for this short visit. I hope the readers out there have enjoyed learning more about her (and Gabriel, of course). Until next time, happy reading to everyone!

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  1. I love these character interviews--they give a great peek into the "voice" of the novel. Well done!

  2. Always enjoy seeing the characters interviewed, gives you a nice new perspective. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Anne and Veronica! It was my first character interview and I found it quite fun to do. Appreciate the comments!