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Interview with Amy Lignor!

Hey all you readers and writers! 
Emma Michaels here to introduce our guest author of the day, the amazing:
Amy Lignor
Hello Amy and welcome to The Writers Voice!

What would you like for readers to take away from your novel/novels?

A sense of happiness, I hope. In this world – from literary to reality – we are having some of the most horrific scenes playing out on our television screens every night. From shootings to politics to non-employment issues, everything is such a weight on everyone’s shoulders right now. With my novels I try to unveil a little ‘magic.’ Whether it’s through a librarian who walks through history and solves mysteries, or an angel/warrior team that fights and protects us to a romance that makes you swoon and laugh – that’s what I want to give. Take a little bit of the real-life darkness away for a little while.

What part of your first novel did you find hardest to write?

The first was very difficult because I wrote it when I was only sixteen and I had NO idea of formatting rules, editorial rules, POV, who should say this and when, etc. – so I had a thrill ride writing the story and getting involved in the plot, but when it came to the ‘truths’ about editing and proofreading, I was completely lost. It’s taken me a good twenty years to get all those rules in my head (and I STILL miss a ‘to versus too’ every once in a while. And, ‘then and than?’ Real pain! LOL.

Was there ever a moment when you wouldn’t trade what you do as an author for the world? What was that moment for you?

This sounds like such a pat answer, but when I began a writing course in seventh grade that’s when I just knew, and from then on I wouldn’t have traded being an author for anything. Yes, I’ve had to put up with the day jobs that I really didn’t like and do the writing at night while serving myself pots of coffee and staying up until three a.m., but the writing is all worth it. The characters really become part of my life and I am so grateful that I have something to say – and that people actually want to listen to it. (LOL)

What makes you feel like you’re reading or have read a truly amazing book?

Oh, boy. When I am reading one of those books that are beyond 5-star, in my opinion, my heart actually races. I close the door, I make sure everyone in the house knows that unless there’s a fire in the living room not to bother me – and I just get lost. Pride and Prejudice will always remain at the top of that list because Austen’s writing pulled me into a time period and a plot that I was just immersed in – I still read that book at least once every couple of months. And when Harry Potter fell into my lap I wanted to go back to my youth and head straight to Hogwarts. I mean…there are some truly remarkable books out there – in every genre – and I practically drool when one of those ‘perfect pieces’ is in my hand. It’s a real thrill.

Is there one book that has had an impact on not only your writing, but on you personally?

Austen, as I said above, was such an amazing woman and her writing was so interesting during a century that made her actually have to publish under ‘Anonymous’ at one time…she is a true heroine for me. Personally, I have to say that Stephen King’s, On Writing is like a bible because…well…what he says is absolutely true and makes you understand and want to do better in order to make that writing dream come true. I also love the humorists – I love to laugh! As a child I loved Ferdinand the Bull – I can still see him under that tree sitting down wanting to be left alone :) that’s still a masterpiece of children’s fiction!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you!

I am one of those conundrums in my personality. I love to laugh and I always have that ‘dry, sarcastic, fun’ comment to come back with that makes other people laugh, but I am so completely shy and no one would know it to hear me speak or write. 

Thank you for joining us on The Writers Voice!

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  1. Emma, thanks a million for hosting Amy at The Writer's Voice. What a treat to "listen in" on a conversation between two Tribute Books' authors - love it! :)