Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First time ever - Interview with an Author's Cat

One Cat, One Author

A Cat Named Nosey

Thank you for the opportunity to do your first interview.  Our readers come to our blog to learn the ins & outs of writing books.  Behind every great author is a loving pet.  Hemingway was a cat person, and people from everywhere go to see the cats which are descendants of his cats.  What do you think?

     The descendants are nothing but spoiled alley cats that are living a glamorous life.  They're no different than Paris Hilton, famous for the name.  A true author's cat inspires their pet human.  

Interesting for you to say.  Since you're an author's cat, what exactly is your job?

   A lot of work goes into being the perfect cat.  Many cats try, and few succeed.  First, you must be beautiful and maintain gorgeous fur.  I spend hours upon hours primping.  You don't get this stunning without a little work.  Beauty sleep and plenty of food and water are necessary to sustain your stamina.  You must play with your human, get them up and moving around.  Train them how to feed you and the proper methods of petting.  You don't want your author to get pudgy in the middle for lack of exercise.

I've heard many authors prefer dogs, what is your take on it?

     I was raised with manners.  I learned if I have nothing nice to say, not to say anything at all.  (Nosey said and took a minute to groom his front leg)

Isn't it true that your author has a dog?  There are four aren't there?

    They are not related to my pet author, they belong to the man who lives with us.  She would never betray me with a dog.  Please.

Tell us about your author, what do you think of her writing?

     You know, her books wouldn't sell if it weren't for me.  When she reads them out loud, I critique every words.  She's a good human, I think if she continues to take my advice, she'll do well.

You're fond of your pet author aren't you?  Your eyes change when you talk of her.

     Years of training has made her the best pet a cat can have.  I'm proud of her.

You have your own Facebook page, you're very verbal about dogs.  Can I share your page with our readers?

     I don't mind at all.  Now if you don't mind, I must nap.  Toots, it was a pleasure to be here.  Toodles =^..^=

Nosey's pet author is me, Devyn Dawson.  He is 11 years old and spends every waking and sleeping moment with me.  He started his Facebook page after his blog was too much to keep up.  I hope you found this post amusing.  Leave a message and tell me if you'd like more creative stories such as this.

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  1. This was funny. I loved how Hemingway's cats were compared to Paris Hilton. I personally like the six-toed cats, but maybe they are a bit of celebrities.