Friday, September 14, 2012

Interview with Jacob Gowans

Hey all you readers and writers! Emma Michaels here to introduce our guest author of the day:
Jacob Gowans
Hello Jacob and welcome to The Writers Voice!

What would you like for readers to take away from your novel/novels?

First, I want them to enjoy the story and embrace the characters. If they do that, nothing else really matters. On the other hand, each story has a theme or themes, and I hope those themes touch the reader and make them feel like they participated in more than a story. I want them to think about the story when it’s over and ask questions about it.

What part of your first novel did you find hardest to write?

I always struggle with the beginnings of my novels. The first few chapters always need the most work and hence, I spend the most time on it. Once I hit my stride in the novel, it pretty much writes itself, but getting through that first 40-50 pages is tough.

Was there ever a moment when you wouldn’t trade what you do as an author for the world? What was that moment for you?

Well, first of all, writing is still my hobby. My primary vocation is dentistry. However, I chose dentistry because it’s a more relaxed profession, working 3-4 days/week is not uncommon. I interact with plenty of people and still have time to write in the evenings or on Fridays and weekends. The moment I knew I would always write was when I finished my first book. Somehow, in my brain, something transformed from just ideas about stories to me writing a full novel. Now I’ve written 5 novels, published 3 with a fourth a few months away, and have plans for almost a dozen more. Writing is here to stay.

What makes you feel like you’re reading or have read a truly amazing book?

A truly amazing book is one that I don’t set down. I’ve become so picky about books lately. Truth is, I don’t have time to read like I used to. I’ve set down many, many books over the last 5 years. The great ones are the ones with either engaging characters, stories, or plots. They often leave me thinking about what you read for a few days and even change the way I write or the way I approach something because the craft of the author touched me.

Is there one book that has had an impact on not only your writing, but on you personally?

Ender’s Game has by far influenced Psion Beta the most. I think most readers recognize that, too. I loved so many elements of that book that are so so fun! I actually keep a list of books on my website that show people what books I think most influenced the books I’ve written. So far that list is up to 22 different works ranging categories from scripture to sci fi to fantasy to philosophical. I don’t particularly limit my readings to one genre, but look for quality in whatever I read.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you!

Hmmm. Most people don’t know that I am a theater major. In college, in addition to my pre-dental coursework, I managed to taking classes on acting, writing, and film. I’m a bit of a movie snob, in fact, and took as many film classes as I could before graduating. I’ve written a few plays and would like to write screenplays some day, too.

Thank you for stopping by The Writers Voice!

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