Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Girlfriends make the difference

Jennifer Adams
Jacquelyn Pierce 

Sally Morgan
One of the comments I get most on my books is about the 3 best friends that are in my series. People seem to love the strong tie between the girls and the relentless banter that they throw back and forth. One of the things I decided when I started this series was that I wanted the friendships to stay intact. I didn’t want the heroine to meet her man and then her friends fall into the back ground. One of the reasons I decided on this was because I felt like it would add depth to the story. I also wanted young ladies to see that even when you meet mister wonderful it is very important that you don’t make him your whole world. It is never healthy to throw out your friends just because you are dating. I hope that through the relationships of the girls that readers see that part of the reason they are able to deal with the overbearing, protective mates is because they have each other to turn to for support.  The loyalty they feel towards one another continually helps them get through tough situations and trials, and although in our lives we most likely won’t face anything remotely as dangerous as what these girls face, it is still important to have that same support system in our friends for when trials come our way. I have really enjoyed writing these three best friends relationships and hope that readers are able to see the incredible value in such friendship.  

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