Thursday, November 3, 2011


It’s my day again!! Last month the post on the zodiac sign of the month (Libra) was really fun so I thought why not - let’s do this again! This month is the sign of the Scorpio and its one of my favorites…OK so maybe I’m biased – It happens to be my birthday month….on Nov 7th I’ll be 21 again! At least I feel that young. You may think that because I’m a Scorpio that writing about this sign is going to be easy for me…but that would be false. You see, Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the Zodiac, simply because there are so many variables to this sign that it is difficult to find Scorpio’s that are similar. In fact I have several Scorpio’s in my life and none of us react to life with the same degree of measure. This sign carries a lot of intensity, so I will do my best to show a balance of both the good and evil this sign gives to the ones born beneath it.

Every sign has a feature it gives to those born with in it that tends to stand out. For Scorpio the one feature that is most noticeable are their eyes. They are powerful and seem to peer into your soul so, when you look into their eyes you may find yourself mesmerized, or perhaps a little nervous that they know all of your secrets. The fear of them knowing you secrets is not outlandish because it is quiet difficult to lie to a Scorpio. They have an uncanny way of uncovering truths, in fact they love to research – to make connections and understand the unexplainable.

The unexplainable is also one of the things this water sign adores. Their desire to understand often attracts them to mythical or occult point of views (hence why my novels intertwine past lives, the Zodiac, alternate dimensions, mediation, and auras – I just love elements that are debatable). This inquisitive side will always leave them asking questions as they try to seek a proven answer to the unknown( which is impossible – so a Scorpio will always find a new interest to drive that desire.)

Most Scorpio’s look calm at all times, but on the inside there are raging emotions that can move drastically from one point to another as their tireless mind constantly evaluates the world around them. You have to really know a Scorpio to notice when they are not ‘there’. Often my husband will glance at me and whisper ‘where are you?’ - Which makes me smile because he knows that I have drifted away from that moment and am chasing down a theory or idea in my mind.

Now the dark side of this sign -at times this sign will seem unapproachable or cold, but that is nothing less than a defense maneuver. It is most admirably displayed when they feel unsafe or betrayed much like the jealousy factor they are known for. It’s a horrible emotion but sadly it tends to be prominent in this sign. There are many other negative points to this deep water sign but I will only mention one other and that is: revenge. This sign never forgets the wrongs that were done to them and never seeks to get even – only revenge will do, they can and will wait years for this to occur.

If you are worried about this Scorpio being mean have no fear – I believe in Karma and I have been blessed – meaning very seldom wronged! I tend to lean toward another positive aspect of this sign – Scorpio’s never forget a kindness and will do anything in their power to repay those acts handsomely. If you have a Scorpio friend they may be the one that always has strange hunches – ones that always seem to pay off and leave you questioning how they knew before hand what would take place. You may find yourself calling them for advice because you know they will help you see every point of view to your issue. Or perhaps you may find yourself always listening closely to them because you know even when they are laughing and joking truth is behind every word.

Loyalty is both a strength and a weakness in this sign. Once they commit to something or anyone they are fearless when it comes to defending that person or idea. With that being said, it is important that they commit to the right person and career or they will find themselves miserable because they feel guilty for leaving and betrayed when that relationship or career ends.

One of the most noticeable and common traits of Scorpio’s is mystery. If you know one that may be a word you would tend to describe them by (mysterious) – because they only let a few or maybe even one – know the real them. They love dark clothes and usually dark places – their home will reflect this edge to their personality.

Being a native to this sign I believe that is all the secrets I can give away! – If I tell you anymore a band of Scorpio’s may come after me! So, do you know a Scorpio? What do you love or hate about this sign? Be nice it is their birthday month!

Thank You! Jamie Magee :)!!


  1. I am a Scorpio, and so is my sister. Both our birthdays are 6th Nov, but there is exactly a year between us. I couldn't wait any longer to meet her so decided to arrive 6 weeks early for her birthday. :D

    Back to the subject, we are complete opposites, we dont think the same, act the same, have the same attitudes, behaviour or even similar personalities. Infact I am closer to my younger brother than I am to my sister :D

  2. My best friend is a Scorpio and sometimes I wonder about her because she has two different personalities sometimes. Great post! I'm a new follower!

  3. Ah scorpios! They are such a fun sign, i hav many Scoripo friends. =) Thanks for the follow of FF im following back. =)

    -Amanda P
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  4. I'm a Scorpio too. Love your post! Very informative.