Sunday, November 13, 2011

Creating Vlogs is Soooo Fun!

One of my favorite friends is a screenwriter and I envy the way he can envision a story, write a script, and make an actual movie. It's fascinating to me. While I know novels are my life, I still getting a kick out of creating a few vlogs for Severed's upcoming blog tour.

When I write, I'm typically a pantser - meaning I really don't plan anything out ahead of time. No outlines, no maps, nada. I'm taking the same approach to my vlogs. Other than coming up with a topic, I'm kind of winging the whole darn thing. Sure, I'm cutting in videos, pictures, and captions - but when I'm on screen talking, that's all improv. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad idea. LOL!

Here's the type of vlogs can expect to see: my inner demon, my secret obsessions, a glimpse at my work space, and yes, I'll be doing the Time Warp (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Why vlogs? Well, in real life I'm a bit of a recluse. Given the choice, I'd rather stay home and watch a movie instead of going out. For me, the vlogs are an exercise in bravery and a way for me to force myself out of my shell. I'm scared to share them with everyone, but hey, if I never try anything new it'll be a sad, boring life, right?

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