Monday, November 28, 2011

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

Writing is a solitary profession, right? We spend hours on our laptops, weaving new worlds, using every scrap of our imaginations to create a novel. Then we toil away with paper copies of our books, marking up every sentence in an effort to hone it into a perfect piece so maybe, just maybe, one day a reader will connect with it. Once it's published, we tell everyone who'll listen about our book and at the end of the day, we collapse into bed with the stirrings of a new story dancing in our minds.

But wait...there's something I'm forgetting. What is it? Let's see...solitary writing, solitary editing, solitary promotion. Right?


My newest novel, Severed, dropped last week. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Why? Because I am surrounded by a community of writers who've been with me every step of the way. I wanted to share my acknowledgements with you  because, to me, the people who've helped me along the way are just as integral to the book as I am.


Being as Severed is the final book in a trilogy, I feel as though I should thank every person who has passed through my life since I wrote Anathema’s first word in 2009. Instead of filling the end of this book with oodles of names, I will attempt to contain my thanks to those who specifically touched Severed in some way.
First, a huge thank you to my husband, Tim. His eagerness to help me work through plot issues, listen to me when I’m in the depths of despair over writing, and even read through my manuscripts for errors means more than he knows. Thanks to my kids who understand that sometimes mom needs to hide in her bedroom and scream at her computer. Thanks to my babysitter, Amanda, who kept my kids occupied for many hours while I wrote Severed during the summer.
Many thanks to my parents who have supported me every step of the way. They not only tolerated my weirdness, but encouraged it. My dad gave me the gift of questions. Even though he didn’t always have the answers, he told me to never stop asking. My mom, who is the most well-read person I’ve ever met, also combs through my manuscripts - and she’s not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong.
Then there are my so-called minions - Cassie, Lexi, and Maddie - who helped me pass out bookmarks to total strangers before a parade. They’re awesome and some of my favorite teens!
Professionally, I need to thank Angela Carlie.Without her, Severed would be a hot mess. She points out my weaknesses and gets me laughing about them. For someone who spent so many pages telling me how wrong I was, she also did an amazing job of making me feel, and write, stronger. Support from the rest of ladies at DarkSide Publishing means a lot. In addition to Angela, I have Karly Kirkpatrick, GP Ching, and Magan Vernon to thank.
Thank you to Stephanie Overton, not just for naming Zuri, but for being one of my most vocal supporters! I want to toss some other names out there - writers who have joined my journey, shared their expertise, and commiserated with me: Danyelle Leafty, Alison Hertz, Kristina Springer, PJHoover, Michelle Muto, Sarra Cannon, Megan Duncan, Kim Winters, and CherieColyer. If your name isn’t there, it’s not malice, it’s just that I had to cut it off somewhere.
Where am I without my book bloggers, readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans? Their generosity and eagerness spurred me to continue writing, even on the days I doubted my path as a novelist. I love each of you guys and while I’d love to name everyone one of you here, the names would number in the thousands.
Finally, Severed also owes much to the genius of Mark Williams. He discovered Anathema, befriended me, and since then we’ve inspired each other to achieve more than either of us thought possible one year ago. He’s a champion for my work and I couldn’t ask for more.
Severed may be the end of the Cloud Prophet Trilogy, but it’s only the beginning of my publishing journey. Thank you to everyone who’s taken my hand and walked with me.


  1. very awesome... it's now on my to-read list :)

  2. Congrats on the achievement, Megg! I can't wait to check out the trilogy. :)