Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My first post!

My very first blog post - one to knock your socks off….what oh what should I write about? Do you really want to know my process for writing? Do you want me to be funny? Do you prefer it to be serious? Do I fake it until I make it? How about a little of each. Let’s get down and dirty with a little creep factor. You might want to swallow that sip of coffee because this post is about to make you say… WHAT!

Dear friends and family, we are here today to honor the beloved writer Devyn Dawson. As you all know, she died at her laptop, cup of coffee in hand and seventeen windows open on her computer. She was working on her masterpiece, the one that would make the world love her. If you never had the opportunity to watch her work, you really missed out. On the days that she didn’t work part time at that silly bookstore, she was at home in scrubs, writing frantically.

Devyn had two little adorable kids, her own personal ‘children of the corn.’ She always said that if people think raising small children is difficult, the teen years will send them to therapy (both parent and child). One little darling finally graduated to her twenties and the other corn child is in his late teens.
Devyn was a terrible wife. She discovered early in their relationship that she had an extreme allergy to cooking and cleaning, it caused her horrible hives. The poor dear will be so hard to replace, finding someone else as unique will be nearly impossible.

Devyn is survived by her fur babies, four dogs, two cats, and two cockatiels. One husband of God knows how many years, one daughter and one son. She leaves the manuscript to her editor to make it the next best seller. She was planning on releasing Malevolence before Christmas; it is the sequel to The Legacy of Kilkenny. She loved her characters so much and was thankful to all of her fans that wrote in to tell her how much they loved the book. Werewolves have never been sexier and have such an interesting tale to tell. I implore all of you to go to her website to find information for all of the future endeavors that she had planned.

(I hope you found my odd humor in this piece. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you). DD

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