Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interview with the awesome Tiffany King!


What's going on in the world of Tiffany King Books

1. Do you have a favorite young adult book or series?

    I'm a huge Harry Potter nut, and a diehard Twi-Hard.

2. Do you find being self-published a challenge or does it allow you to have more creativity?
Self publishing is a tremendous challenge because we are responsible for every aspect of our books from writing, editing, covers, promotion and marketing. I have been fortunate enough to find some really great and professional people to work with. I think one of the biggest benefits of self-publishing is the creative freedom we have. We are able to dictate the direction our stories take without worrying that we're not meeting a certain criteria of a traditional publisher.

3.  Can you tell us a little bit about your newest series?

Jordyn is a spinoff of my Saving Angels Series, but with a lot more action. The main character, Jordyn, is a fighting anomaly that is being trained by Haniel, her mentor/arch angel, to become the best Daemon hunter possible. As much as Jordyn enjoys kicking Daemon a**, she yearns to be normal: meet a guy or just hang-out like typical teenagers.

4.       Do you have a specific writing process? How do you come up with ideas?

I don't necessarily have a specific writing process per say. I do like to have the bare bones of the story worked out in my head before I start writing. I need to know how it will start, what the climatic parts will be and where the characters will end up by the end of the story. Then, when it's finished, I go hide while my harshest critics, my husband and daughter, read the story before anyone else.The ideas come from many different inspirations. You just never know what will spark it next.

5.       Which of your books did you enjoy writing the most and why?

Meant to Be will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first book. It started as just a story for my daughter that was never going to be released. After that, my two favorites are Miss Me Not and Jordyn. I enjoyed the characters in both books and liked how they have their own distinct personalities. Miss Me Not, I am exceptionally proud of because it does deal with a tougher subject matter, but the feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive.

6.       Do you have a favorite character? If so who and why?

If we're talking my books then it would have to be Madison from Miss Me Not. For whatever reason, Madison touched me. It was like she wrote the story and knew where it needed to go. I am very thankful for the many people who have contacted me saying how much they enjoyed the character as well.

7.       What do you love about being an author?

I am literally living my dream. I started as a fan-girl/reader who decided to try writing. I couldn't love it any more if I tried. My favorite part of being an author would be all the fantastic people I have been lucky enough to meet. The readers and fans truly knock my socks off, and I am forever grateful that they took a chance on an unknown author. I have also discovered other authors that not only write amazing books, but are equally as fabulous in person. *cough cough Quinn Loftis for example. I love all my friends.

8.       Are you working on any other books?

I am currently working on a New Adult book called "No Attachments." I'm nervous about stepping into a new genre, but I'm excited to see what fans think.

9.       Do you have any upcoming events or signing?

I will be at:

UCF in Orlando in April .

UtopYACon in Nashville in June .

Naughty Mafia Weekend in Las Vegas in August .

Thank you Tiffany for taking time to answer questions for us! 

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