Sunday, March 3, 2013

10 Things You Don't Know About Gabriel Reid from BECOMING

An author friend of mine, Marilyn Almodovar, recently asked me to feature a guest post on my blog to promote her book, Interred. For the promotion, she created a series of posts that include little-known facts about the characters from her Chronicles of the Interred series. I'm a big fan of hers and I loved reading these tidbits, so it inspired me to create a post like that today.

In the spotlight for your reading (and viewing) pleasure is Gabriel Reid from my book Becoming (Daughters of Saraqael #1). If you're unfamiliar with the book, here's some more information for you:

Every three years, Amber Hopkins explodes. Okay, not a blown-to-smithereens explosion, but whatever it is always hurts like hell and leaves her life a shambles. She’s already worked her way through five foster placements, and she’s doing whatever she can to avoid getting blasted into a sixth.

As her eighteenth birthday approaches and she feels the strange and powerful energy building, disaster looms. When the inevitable explosion occurs, her life gets its biggest shakeup yet. She’ll not only learn how her fellow foster and best friend, Gabriel, really feels about her, but she’ll discover that she isn’t really without family.

To top it all off, she’ll finally find out why she’s having the power surges: she isn’t entirely human.

Amber must Become, transitioning to another plane of existence and risking the loss of the most important relationship she’s ever had. Her choice will impact the future of an entire race of beings, and will pit her against an enemy that will prey upon her doubt to try and take her very life.

Kind of makes the explosions now seem like a cakewalk

~     ~     ~

All right, so now you know a little more about the story. Let's discover what more there is to know about Amber's best friend, Gabriel.

  1. He doesn't have a middle name.
  2. His favorite type of food is Mexican (he thinks humans make it much better than Estilorians do).
  3. He loves to play football and baseball, but his favorite sport to watch is hockey.
  4. Amber is the only girl he's ever loved, and the fourth girl he's ever kissed.
  5. He plays the guitar and has a great singing voice; he wrote a number of songs with Amber while on the human plane.
  6. He's skilled at tinkering. Give him something that's broken and he'll probably be able to fix it.
  7. He doesn't mind dressing up, but he'd dress in shorts and T-shirts all the time if allowed.
  8. His favorite subject in school was math.
  9. He's a fan of grunge rock. Once, while playing the electric guitar to Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, he blew out the windows of Mrs. B's garage.
  10. As a human, he's afraid of heights.
So, there you have it! Ten things you won't learn about Gabriel Reid while reading the Estilorian series. If I've captured your interest, I hope you'll check out Becoming, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and e-book stores everywhere!

Want to know about another character? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Great Post ~ I'd like to know more about Zachariah! :)

    1. Thanks, Beth! I just might make that a future post (if Zachariah will let me...).

  2. Loving this post. I want to know more about Quincy. A friend of mine also said that she wanted to know more about Quincy (I got her to read the series, and we kinda have an unofficial fanclub for him, haha).

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  3. YAY, GABRIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*swoons* Love this post!