Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not Exactly Angelic

The idea of angels and demons warring for our souls has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I've envisioned that every time we're faced with a decision - big or small - there's an angel fighting for us to do the right thing. And sometimes, when we're faced with our hardest challenges, especially life or death, that angel goes into intense battle with the fiercest of demons.

I've imagined them fighting these battles almost continuously, although we are completely unaware. Our human minds only perceive what's in front of us - the physical world we know - but it's not the only realm. The veil between our world and theirs is thin, but we've never managed to cross least not until we die.

In my mind, these warriors are armed to the teeth - sometimes with teeth, very big ones, at least for the demons. They are muscular and hard-bodied and have multiple swords and daggers. Their long hair whips in the wind and their wings are enormous. And, yeah, they're swoon-worthy. The angels are, anyway.

These are daydreams I've had for years that come up whenever people talk about angels. Although there might be some that do nothing but glow and sing on high all the time, my angels are warriors. They don't shy away from a fight and the more vicious it is, the better. Not exactly what most people consider angelic. After years of thinking about them, they've finally manifested themselves into a story.

That story comes out this month - Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella. It's a prequel to my main series and takes place over 2,000 years ago. The main series is set in today's world and tells Alexis's story, but as her heritage came to me, I knew I had to share the beginnings of her secret society, especially when I learned how angels and demons play into it.

I'm incredibly excited that all that daydreaming has finally paid off and I get to share it with everyone in just a few weeks. Of course, it is only from my imagination. I have no idea if angels and demons truly exist, although I'd like to think they do. I'd like to believe there's someone fighting as fiercely for us as the angels in Genesis.


  1. Sounds awesome Kristie, can't wait to read it

  2. Yes! I've found someone who see's angels the way I do- I cant wait for the release ;)!

  3. Newbie here! Just discovered your blog from a rec from the
    Livin' Life Through Books blog.

    Interesting article. I've always pictured the good and bad angels sitting on my shoulders whenever I'm making a hard decision. Though lately, my angels tend to wear trenchcoats and look a lot like Misha Collins (thank you, Supernatural).

    I'm looking forward to exploring the blog!