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Guest Author: Áine Massie

Is there an amount of time you set aside to write each day or a word count goal? How do you measure if your day was a successful writing day?

I don’t write everyday, though I probably ought to. With four children in home, my time is precious and my dance card can be a bit full at times. I don’t go by word count or by a clock, I feel successful if I can complete a scene or situation, reread it, and not tinker too much. That’s the part I have the most problem with, tinkering with my words. Even after I had decided that the book was done I kept wanting to go back and fidget with it while I waited for editing and such – which is a bad habit I’m trying to break, slowly.

In the future when you look back on your writing and re-read your first novel what do you hope your reaction will be? Have you already had a moment like this? 

I reread Blood’s Voice both before beginning Blood Bound and again once I had the rough written. I wanted to make sure I kept the feel and ideas straight, even if not all my characters are, lol. Now that I’m just waiting on the final edits for Blood Bound to be returned to me, I will again read BV and then BB in preparation for continuing work on the next book in the series, Glamour Blade. Of course, the next one is not written from Mistress Anya’s POV so it will be a bit different by default.
I hope I like the story later as much as I did when I wrote it. Of course, I hope my readers do too.

What is your editing style? Do you write and re-write to perfection, do you tend to have a well thought out and clear first draft or read aloud when you edit?

Honestly? A bit of all three. I write a section, wait, reread all the way from the beginning, tinkering as I go. I both read silently and aloud to make sure it sounds the way I mean it to, especially since Anya has an often odd way of wording thing. I also have two of my kids and a couple of friends read to make sure it sounds right and flows correctly. Once I have the first full draft, I wait a bit to try to lessen the issue of the brain seeing what I meant instead of what I wrote, and then read and tinker again. I also use a program that helps with the spelling and a little of the grammar as Anya does not write in American English naturally, even though she ‘lives’ in NY.

What did it feel like to finish your first novel?

I was giddy. When I got my first printed proof copy I grinned so hard I felt like my face should split. I used to write but nothing as long and involved as a novel so it was also a proud moment, to know I had finished something that big and could share it with others. Of course, my 15 yo son then proceeded to kidnap the proof, lol. He now has his own e- and print copies.

How often do you read novels for joy or learning? Do you read multiple books at a time or limit yourself to just one?

Reading is a love I’ve had since I was little so I read all the time. I reread books a lot too. I see reading like others see watching TV, why only read one at a time. You don’t watch a show from Season 1, Episode 1, till the final show all at once (well, I have actually but not normally, lol) so it’s the same idea with books. I will not read books in the same series at the same time though – don’t like to ‘read ahead’ even if it’s a series I’m rereading. I’m probably a little weird for that, but hey… as my kids will tell you – Weird is a compliment. 
Oh, and yes . . . I do read for learning as well. I still have all my books from college and, believe it or not, have read parts of the psychology and relationship texts while working on my books. Anya is too mentally and emotionally damaged not to.

Do you read while writing or steer clear until you are in between novels? Many authors fear undue influence, do you have these fears or certain authors you would love to be able to write in the same style as? 

I can’t imagine not reading honestly. Considering how long it takes to write 100k + words, I’d go into serious withdrawal if I didn’t keep reading throughout. I read all the time, whether writing or not. I agree with the influence issue though so what I do is not read anything similar. While I wrote Blood’s Voice I read a lot of mystery, were(wolf and cat), and psi stories. But only one vampire book – couldn’t help that though . . . Bloodlines was released. How could I not read, lol. But, I also didn’t write for a while after.

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