Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Libra!

It is no secret to who anyone who knows me that I have a captivated interest in the Zodiac. When I began writing this interest became one of the elements I depended on –not only for the plot in my first series, but also for the development of every character since then. One of the coolest things(I think anyway)about the Zodiac is that most people born under a certain sign have similar traits in their personality. When I meet a character for the first time I watch them in my daydreams for awhile. When I think I’ve picked up a few traits I turn to my favorite astrology book, and look through the sun signs until I feel that I’ve found the perfect sign for this new character.Once their sign is decided I read further into what people under this sign are like,then,almost magically,a world comes to life around them. Knowing the traits of their sign, I’m able to distinguish a believable reaction to the circumstances in world that was brought to life.

Today for fun and to celebrate the month of October I wanted to build a character who was undeniably a Libra (Happy Birthday Libra!).Now,this may be more challenging than I first thought because as a writer I tend to be a panster(I write by the seat of my pants – never pre-plan a thing) but today, instead I am going to be a plotter –and plan this character into existence. If you’re a Libra – or know one well you will have to tell me how close I came to pinning this sign down.

Ok…let’s see, Libra’s are usually beautiful to look at (intoxicating in fact), there is something about their energy that draws people to them. They’re profound listeners and have the ability to see every point of view clearly – this aspect makes them fantastic negotiators. Libras are known to be brilliant people and never let emotions cloud their analytical way of thought. Partnerships are very important to this sign in both love and business – they use their partner to bounce ideas off of and can fall in to funk if they feel that are not getting enough attention from the people they count on. This sign is also known for its love of the arts (every Libra I know loves music) they also adore the finer things in life – their home will have some kind of luxury that they enjoy. The only downside that I clearly know about with Libra’s is that on the inside they struggle to find balance or that element that will make them feel complete, and at times they’re afraid that their huge social circles will discover this unrest that lies within them.

Without a doubt writing about a character with this sign would be stimulating. I could see a hero/heroin that could easily stand between good and evil. Their power to draw opposing sides to them without effort would bring a steady flow of conflict into the plot. The love they have for arts such as music could provide a bit of an edge that would make their natural classic beauty even more addictive. The internal struggle they have to find the one thing that completes them could steer any love story in a thousand directions. The possibilities an author could create with a person with this seemingly erratic balance are simply too numerous to count.

I admit that so far in my style of a panster writing I’ve never created a character with sun sign of a Libra, but after taking the time to learn more about the souls behind this sign I almost feel compelled to. It’s very clear to me that Libras Rock!

So, are there any Libras reading this post? Do you know any Libras? If so how close do did I come to understanding this sign? Are they as addictive as I’ve imagined them to be?
Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRA !!!! Have a piece of cake on me:)

Jamie Magee ~ Author of the Insight Series


  1. I'm a stubborn Taurus, but I like reading about the signs.

  2. I'm a Libra! :D

    I don't know about intoxicatingly beautiful, hahaha, but the rest sounds about right. If you haven't yet, you should check out Astro.com! You can enter in your birth information and for free, get a "short" version of the explanation of your characteristics based on your natal chart (http://www.astro.com/cgi/atxgen.cgi?btyp=apx&). Of course, if you want the complete report, you have to pay, but the short version has quite a bit of information. It's pretty interesting!

  3. I'm a Libra! My birthday is October 18th. And as for the personality traits you totally nailed it! The balance and the unrest part. And I think that one of my worst traits is that sometimes I get a little upset if people in my life seem un-involved in my life.

    Another thing I have read about libras is that they are peacekeepers. Because they don't like to find others who are not in balance.

    Since you are talking about Libras and birthdays, Im having a birthday event this month on my blog. Im looking for bloggers and/or authors that would like to donate a prize or participate in some way. my blog is http://bookbriefs.blogspot.com

    I would love it is anyone was interested. If so, you can email me at chelle2006 @ aol.com


  4. Miranda - I'm writing about a Taurus now, I love the passion and anger in that sign.

    Colleen - I'm definitely checking that site out, I love to use Susan Miller! She talks to you like she's your BFF!

    Michelle - I'll definitely email you :)!

  5. Hi from an end-of-September Libra! And thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Wow, I like this assessment. Diplomatic – check. Partnerships – totally! Funks, yeah, can hit us all too easily if we’re neglected.

    I have to laugh about the listening and finer things in life part. My co-workers keep saying they tell me things they shouldn’t because I listen so well. And my friends tease me about not being able to afford to go out to eat with me. I’d rather go out less and go in style and I like good quality household items, clothes, appliances – on down to my cleaners.

  6. Wow, one of my best friends is a libra and she's exactly as the sign describes! I've never really gotten into star signs but she is beautiful (although she doesn't realise how gorgeous she is!), the best listener ever, calm, collected, sooo diplomatic and she's an artist! How cool is that? A libra would be an awesome MC. What a great post :-)

  7. I'm a true Libra: There is nothing of words to describe me. My character is of a personality which brilliant art master my soul. Out of all creation willed to life from God have faith that the days of my thought praise God in all that I see. I enjoy your thought knowing. I think only I is what I am to do. My justice of mind, read more...

  8. If I am willed to remember at the date of my birth I hope to have the entire story ready to be told. While so doing, I'd like to explain such thoughts I see! Give you the gift of a Libra's thoughts so few are to see. It is very nice to fit my piece into the realness of life you are seeing as real and hope truly we never meet so, such I to write, rather, with peace adore your thoughts into the peace of mine to claim.