Monday, October 1, 2012

What makes a good villain great

Have you ever had a villain in a book or movie that you just love to hate but love at the same time? You know, the kind of villain that does such a good job being a bad guy/gal that you have to give them props. As a writer I think that it's really important to make the villain in a story as powerful a character as the lead characters. Personally I love a good villain that has a wicked sense of humor and can give me a good laugh even while planning the downfall of the human race. I have found that when a reader has brief glimpses into the heart of the villain it makes that character even more believable and real.

So what kind of villain do you like more, the redeemable villain, or the utterly lost to all form of reformation villain?

What kind of villain adds flavor to the story and what kind detracts from it?

Lastly, who is your favorite villain of all time, book or movie. (Mine is Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter)

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