Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interview With Victoria Simcox

With your writing, do you outline? If so how closely do you follow it?
Yes, I use an outline and I do follow it mostly, but there are times when I need to revaluate my outline and change it to head in a different direction.

Has being a novelist changed the way you read and appreciate novels?
Well, I've always loved to read and that has remained the same, but I do find myself evaluating punctuation more than I would have before I started writing novels.

How much do you draw from your own life when constructing your main character?
 I think I draw a lot from people in my life. But I create a character from different character traits of more than 1 person.

How do you get to know your characters? Do you write out a bio, they just come to you or do you have certain facts you always decide on first?
This may sound like a simple answer, but they just come to me.

Do you tend to reach the word count you want exactly, overshoot or undershoot? How does it effect your editing?
 I'm usually really close to what I shoot for, so far anyway.
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