Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holy Eternal Hope Release Day!

Okay, so I'm a little early. That happens sometimes, y'know. You're standing on the street thinking, 'do I have time to cross before that Mack truck reaches me? Yeah. Yeah, sure I do.' And then WHAM. That Mack truck was totally closer than it looked. It happens with books too. You intend on releasing them one day and Amazon kindly shifts your dates around. I look upon it as an early gift to readers. Maybe more published authors should submit their works to Amazon's 12-48 hour Russian roulette uploading time. Maybe we'd get treated to some of their work a little early, too! 

Regardless, Eternal Hope is here! I am so excited to share the second instalment in the Hope Series. I have received some truly wonderful support from the first book, and I can not wait to find out what people think of the second story. 

This book has been so much fun to write, and planning the book trailer is like christmas every day. I'm holding my breath in anticipation for November, when we will hopefully be completing a shoot down on the legendary Bondi beach. Watch out for the links!

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me

When your friends go missing and you don’t know if they’re dead or alive; when you tie your soul to the one you love; when you kill to protect and your family suffers, there’s only one thing you can do:

Move to Montana.

Farley Hope is special. She was prophesied to kill the forebears of her bloodline- a race of cold-blooded Reavers, men who steal the souls of the living to gain power. The Quorum had counted on Farley ending her own life in the process, but when Kayden came to her aid and helped save both her and Daniel, he undid their plans. Now the Quorum are displeased, not only with Kayden, but with Farley and Daniel too. Though her father is now dead, Farley’s troubles with the Reavers are far from over. An ancient Immortal, trapped for a thousand years, wants Farley for himself, and he will stop at nothing to claim her.

With secrets that lead to anger and pain, that turn friendship to dust, the group must overcome the problems within their own circle before they have a hope of fighting off the powers that threaten their lives.

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