Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Must Never Forget

We Must Never Forget

How many will go missing, or die,
What will it take for us to see,
Those of power are corrupted and lie,
While we smile so graciously.

The world we live in is changing,
The price of freedom no longer a concern,
As all around us are re-arranging
We are forgetting what we should have learned.

Our great Country once divided,
Brother against brother, dying for the wrong reason.
And so we finally became united,
Realizing that change will come, just like each season.

We stood together proud American's,
While the world around us fell,
We cheered on our soldiers, clapped our hands,
Patted their backs as we sent them into hell.

It's one thing to fight for our freedom,
But something so different when that freedom is taken,
Like sheep the people let them lead'em,
Now that freedom lost is of our own making.

What would those before us say?
The great men who signed us into existence,
Would they tell us we've been lead astray,
By a governments deceitful insistence.

Would they point out the ugly facts,
Remind us that we were not meant to be confined,
Could they see the corruption in the acts,
Of those we've let this new nation be defined.

Would these great men call out to us,
Remember, you have rights, you have rights,
But we handed them over in blind trust.
With a smile on our faces, we let them turn out the lights

These great men who wrote in detail so specific,
They made it clear in black and white,
A Government with too much power is horrific
They take and take what is ours by right.

We must never forget, those who came before,
We stomp and spit on their legacies,
They wanted us to prosper and have so much more,
If we forget, that freedom becomes memories

We must never forget where we came from. We must never forget our rights. We must never forget that we the people put those in power, and we the people can take them out.

Happy 4th Have fun, but don't forget who made it so!

~Quinn Loftis