Sunday, July 22, 2012

Interview with Sally Morgan of the Grey Wolves Series

Hi everyone, it's Quinn. I have the pleasure of sitting down with Sally Morgan, one of the three best friends from the Grey Wolves Series. Sally has agreed to let me pick her brain a bit since her other two best friends seem to put their two cents out often, I'm sort of making her put hers out there. *Sally laughs and waves off my comment*

Me: So Sally, thank you so much for taking time to tell us a little about yourself and where you fit in this incredible journey that has become you all's lives.

Sally *brushes her hair away from her face and glances over to the other side of the room where Costin, yes ladies I said Costin, sits grinning at her revealing that swoon worthy dimple, then she looks back at me* "Well I'm just now really beginning to see where I fit in. You know at the beginning I thought I was just along for the ride. Jacque had Fane and then Jen and Dec got together. I just figured maybe I was along for moral support or something.

Me: And what about now? How do you fit in now?

Sally: As you know we have recently discovered that I am a gypsy decendant and apparently have been chosen by the Great Luna to be the gypsy healer for the Romanian pack. So I guess that's where I fit. *Just then we hear a low growl from Costin's direction. Sally's turns her head to look at him and I do as well. I'm a little concerned to see that his eyes are glowing and the incredible smile that was there only moments before has turned into a glare. Sally turns back to me with a nervous smile* And there might be another place that I fit but it's not a definite thing. *Another growl from Costin*

Me: How do you feel about the revelation from Perizada about the healers mating with the Canis lupis? Do you think maybe you have found yours?

Sally: *chuckles* Come on Quinn, now you are just putting me between a rock and a hard place. I am no doubt shocked by what she has told me. It's not like I can forget about it either,with Jen prancing about constantly singing love songs and replacing other words with my name or the um, *shifts uncomfortably in her seat* the name of the um, other person. *Her eyes nervously shift to Costin again, who is now standing and making it very obvious that he is not happy with Sally's words*

Me: *I clear my throat trying to ease the tension in the room* Well, can you tell us what has been going on since the big battle?

Sally: *visibly relaxes at the change in direction of the conversation* Right now it just feels like we are in one of those hurry up and wait situations. Jen and Jacque have been planning my 18th birthday party and Decebel has been getting the Serbian pack in order. Rachel and I are constantly working with Peri trying to learn more about the history of the healers and now Peri thinks that our magic as healers has evolved. *Suddenly Costin is by Sally's side* 
Costin: Man would you look at the time? *Gives me the famous grin* we really have to be going. Don't we Sally?

Sally: *looks at me apologetically* Yes, I guess we do. Quinn thank you so much for having me.

Me: It was my pleasure. *We both stand and Sally quickly gives me a hug. I watch them turn to go and can't help but be a little nosy as I see Costin wrap and arm around Sally's waist. Sally stops and looks up at Costin her eyes are narrowed. Yes I'm being bad and totally eavesdropping on their moment. 

Sally: "I didn't reveal anything I don't understand why you are getting bent out of shape.
Costin: "You weren't suppose to bring up anything about you and Rachel. Vasile made that very clear. And I think I remember making it clear that I'm your mate. You sat there I told her you don't know if you have a mate.
*I notice Costin's words are coming out in a growl*
*Sally places her hand on his chest* "I didn't say you weren't my mate Costin. But there haven't been any signs. I just need you to chill on the whole mate thing Okay?"
*I continue to shamelessly watch as Costin leans forward and gently place one hand gently on Sally's neck. His mouth is at her ear and I can see his lips moving but unfortunately can't hear a word. I can not even imagine what he must have said because Sally turned every possible shade of red there is and quite possibly may have created some new ones. Costin pulls back and looks very pleased with himself. He takes her and pulls her along whistling as he does.*

Well ladies and gentleman that was definitely interesting. Hopefully I will get to interview some of the other members of the Packs. Thanks for joining us!