Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top Ten Reason's Werewolves are better than Vampires

by Devyn Dawson

1.  Werewolves have great abs - Vampires think they're too cool to work out. 

2.  Werewolves will take you to dinner - Vampires think you're dinner.

3.  Werewolves will snuggle with you on a picnic on a bright sunny day - Vampires typically avoid sunlight (unless they have a ring like Damon and Stephen)

4.  Werewolves have big families, so you'll never be lonely.  Vampires tend to be loners.

5.  Werewolves like big fluffy beds - Vampires sleep in a casket.

6.  Werewolves will protect you with their life - Vampires are narcissistic and rarely care if you're okay or not.

7.  Werewolves make better lovers - That sparkly vamp in those movies looked pained when he was being a lover.  

8.  Werewolves look great in jeans!  Vampires tend to overdress and are rarely rocking jeans.

9.  Werewolves have animal magnetism - Vampires compel you to be their friend.

10.  Werewolves know how to party and howl at the moon - Vampires are on the boring side when it comes to parties.

Those are the reasons werewolves are better than vamps.  Be sure to watch for The Great Wolf coming Oct 29, 2013

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