Monday, August 19, 2013

10 Things Readers Would Be Surprised to Know about Me...

10 Things Readers would be Surprised to know about Me.

11.)  I love the smell of scotch tape, it reminds me of Christmas

22.)  I married my best friend at 19 after knowing him for 4 months.

33.)  I never finished college

44.)  I was a soccer player in high school and had a scholarship to play in college

55.)  My father was from Puerto Rico, he adopted me when I was 1 year old and as I grew older I would tell people I was half Puerto Rican. It was totally believable with my red hair, fair skin and freckles.

66.)  I have siblings I’ve never met.

77.)  When I was a nurse my favorite thing to do was wound care (loved the gross stuff).

88.)  I’ve never been out of North America

99.)  I’ve never been to Disney World (true story)

110.)   I am a real person, with real problems and I put my pants legs on two at a time (okay not really but I bet you were trying to figure out how I managed that.)

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