Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Author Diversity

One of the many things I've learned since becoming an author is that there are so many people to meet in this world. Being a writer, you get the chance to meet people who have the potential to make a huge impact on your life, and your writing. There are writers and readers of every background. You never know who you're going to get to meet next, and I love it!

There is this stereotype of us writers where we're all intellectual tight-asses. Like our lives have to be all fancy and fine-dining. You see a writer in a movie and they're mostly the same: snobby, posh, and come from a rather lucrative background. Obviously not every portrayal is like that, especially nowadays where the world is more interested in the reality of things, but the stereotype remains amongst those who don't really know our world.

If you haven't already learned then I'm here to tell you this: Everyone, even writers, is an individual. No person is the same as the last. You can get people with similarities, but you'll never find a perfect clone. Each writer has their own way of doing things; their own inspirations and muses; their own type of literature they prefer and their own style of writing. Not every writer is the same. Take me for example. You expect writers to be all sophisticated and listen to classical music while writing to stimulate their minds. Not me. I listen to hardcore rock and metal, I play M-rated video games for fun, and I love to practice boxing. When have you seen a movie about an author who does those things? Not that I know of, that's for sure!

But not just me, everyone. Ask any writer their favorite type of music and you'll most likely get a different answer each time. Ask them their favorite movie, their favorite book (that'll definitely get an interesting answer haha!) or their favorite place to live, and you'll learn that each writer is an individual. I like rock, but you might find an author likes country, or pop, or rap. Never lunk us all together just as "Authors" but remember that we're people too, we just have this one specific hobby we like to do more often than others.

We're authors, and we're people too!

-Michael L.

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