Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This is for those who've ever had writers block, you know how it sucks to be stuck.


The words in my mind all twisting and winding,
over and over I rearrange them too see,
a story, a tale of sorting and finding
Something to share what's inside of me.

They jump out on the page a jumble of mess,
My fingers fly fast over each key,
But more and more just seems like less,
 each word trapped instead of free.

I'm frigid and frozen, an immovable mass,
and no matter how hard I try,
I'm rigid and stuck right here to this glass,
with no way to run or fly.

I rage, I stutter, flutter, twitter and tally
Outlines, inlines, and the like
As a bard, a storyteller I must rally,
Readers wait for my characters to strike.

I don't have time to be stuck here in this place,
there are worlds of wonder to share,
I don't have time to be stuck last in this race,
yet at this blank screen I still stare.

By: Quinn Loftis

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