Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pet Human - Views of a Cat

My Pet Human is an Author

  My name is Nosey, and I'm a cat.  You'll have to admit to yourself I'm beautiful. I know you're looking at my photo and thinking to yourself that your life would be complete if I were in it...don't kid yourself.  

  I'm sharing the top ten reasons why you'd be a better person if you had a cat.

1. Cats make humans more attractive when carried around by a human.
2.  Cats feed humans story lines through brain vibes.
3.  We're soft - enough said.
4.  A cat will exercise its human by demanding food until the human stands up and feeds the cat.
5.  A cat will listen to your story and critique it for you.
6.  Cats aren't needy like dogs.
7.  Cats are smart, and smart humans have smart pets.
8.  Cats don't have a beef with the mailman like dogs do.
9.  Cats will bring you prizes for your pillow.
10.  Its proven that stories with a cat in them will be a best seller.

Make your life better - get a cat. I was adopted from a no-kill rescue which makes my human look even better.  Toodles =^..^=

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Pet human is Devyn Dawson


  1. I guess that makes me twice as smart as I have 2 cats who rule the house. :-)

    Nice to meet you and your human both Nosey