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Brandy Nacole Guest Post!

I’m a 26 year old mother of three and married to my best friend, who supports all my crazy ideas. When I tell people I’m a writer the first question they ask of course is, what do you write about? When I tell them I write Paranormal Fiction most respond with, “Ah, another stay at home author want-to-be.” And I’ll tell you the first thing I tell them, “You’re dead wrong.”

The truth is I have been a writer ever since I could write. Sure, my first story was about an alligator and a boy named Sam. They were the best of friends and the alligator followed Sam around just like a puppy would. But as I grew up, my interest started growing in the paranormal genre. If you ask me why, I would ask you, what’s not to like? There’s magic, strength, forever love, special powers, immortality, shifting into a new being, and so much more. I know that a lot of people don’t like the paranormal, just like some may not like westerns or mysteries, but paranormal fiction has had me in its grasp from a young age.

So yes, I stay at home with my children, write paranormal fiction, and dream of being a great author, but this is not a recent development. This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I am not a stay at home mother, who decided to start writing. I am a mother, who decided to stay home to write. And that is the truth behind every indie author. We write because it’s our passion, our dream. We want to share our stories, and passion with the world. And that’s exactly what I thought when I started writing Uniquely Unwelcome, I want to share this.
I wanted to share the story of a unique girl, who was an outcast in both the Shadow World and the Human World. I wanted to share her uniqueness and the struggles she faces as she tries to help those that don’t trust her. I had to share the lonely life that girl faced and still faces, and how she handles someone actually noticing her for something other than a freak. And that’s exactly what I got to share in Uniquely Unwelcome. Then I got to continue that story in Blood Burdens.

So to answer the question, what do you write about? I write about stories I want to share.

Where you can find out more about Brandy Nacole and her books:

An Excerpt from Brandy’s Book,
 Uniquely Unwelcome.
I tug on the ropes around my wrists again but I know it’s useless. I have been pulling on these ropes for hours. My wrists throb with pain. I can feel blood trickling down my hand and dripping off my fingertips.

“Let’s see how she likes this.”

My eyes go wide as the Vampire, Irving, unravels a whip. I want to scream, beg, and plead for them to show some mercy. I don’t. Even though my mouth isn’t gagged, I know better than to make a sound. It will only fuel their animalistic manner.

Ravyn laughs maliciously. Her blue eyes twinkle with a vile hatred as Irving advances on me. I glare at Ravyn. Earlier when Irving had ordered Ravyn to push wind up against me until I couldn’t breathe, she had laughed the whole time. Then when Irving had ordered her to back off, she kept pushing. She was enjoying the pain they were causing me way too much. I wonder what the Covenant thinks about her activities.

Ravyn’s laugh is infectious and the crowd behind her starts laughing too. Irving stops a few feet away from, twirling his whip at his side. As he stares at me with those pure black eyes, my heart beat picks up. I don’t show my fear but I feel it.

As Irving brings the whip up, I close my eyes and brace for the impact. The whip makes a crackling sound and just before it makes contact with my skin I jerk in my seat. I grab at the seat in front of me as I try to catch my breath. I hate reliving those horrid nightmares. It was bad enough living them.

Once I’ve calmed down a bit, I notice the bus isn’t moving. As I look up to see where we are I notice a man slowly making his way to the back of the bus. I recognize him as the bus driver. He doesn’t wear a uniform but instead regular street clothes. A blue button down shirt covers his pudgy belly, probably created from years of sitting on a bus for a living. The golden nameplate pinned to his blue shirt gives him away as the driver. Plus, the hat he wears with the company’s logo on it.

As the driver makes his way back to me, I try shaking off the memory of my dream. I shudder as chills break out over my body, sending a light tingle over my scars. The driver looks uneasily toward the front where everyone else is seated. Some Witches had been sitting in the back of the bus when I sat down, but they’d all made their way to the front. Honestly, I can’t say I didn’t expect it.

The bus driver approaches cautiously. He’s acting like I’m a hostile person. “Excuse me ma’am, I believe this is your stop.”

I look out the window. The bus is stopped out front of Pen’s Market. I shake my head, “I’m getting off at Red Tree Street.”

“I’m sorry miss but this is the only stop in town. We had to cut back on stops for economic reasons.” The man’s voice is shaky. This is the reaction I always receive from humans. They get a vibe off me that I’m not normal. Which I’m not.

My appearance is no different from any human girl. My face is framed with long black hair. I look like your average hundred and twenty pound girl but my eyes give me away. Unlike most of the other Shadows, whose eyes are a natural color, mine are pearly silver, outlined by darker silver. My pupils are dark purple, which really sets my silver off. The problem of course is that it’s not normal.

I sigh. I didn’t want to walk through my hometown just yet. I wanted to go home, gather my courage, and then set out into the town. My presence wasn’t going to be that appreciated.

About Brandy Nacole

Brandy Nacole resides in Arkansas where her imagination runs wild. Reading is her passion and writing is her obsession. Whenever she's not reading or writing, Brandy is spending time with her family and friends, throwing around crazy ideas, and laughing through the crazy moments.

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