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Tressa Messenger - Protector

Tressa Messenger
by Devyn Dawson

   Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Tressa, the author of Protector.  The first thing that struck me about Tressa was her easy way of talking.  Although Tressa's book Protector has been out for a while, the virtual networking is new to her.  All of the authors on this blog have fumbled through our first year and have learned from one another.  Some of us were led by other authors, and some of us had a instinct as to what to do next.   I hope everyone will give a warm hello to Tressa, and stalk her daily.  Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter to win a copy of Protector and a $5.00 gift card to Amazon.

BIO I am a small town girl with big dreams. I grew up in a small coastal community called Pamlico County; in the town of Reelsboro North Carolina. Growing up in such a rural area there wasn't much to do, so I developed a wide fantasy finding solace in writing poetry and songs. After high school I left my little secure coastal town to discover other parts of the country. It was a sad and lonely time, but also a fun and exciting time in my life. I had too many emotions to process so I started to put it all down on paper. That became the start of my first novel, which I have yet to finish. My first complete novel entitled Protector was a dream come true, although I found out during the process, at 31 years old, I am dyslexic. Reading was always a struggle throughout my life and finding out why has really made a difference in me and my writing. It was such a wonderful and daunting process but I have succeeded in doing something I never thought I would do. I have 3 novels published, Protect, Protect Me and Too Close To Home and 2 more on the way. Writing is such a passion of mine and will continue to be whether I become successful with it or not.

1.   Who is your dream cast if your book were turned into a movie?  Hmm, good question.  I’ve actually thought about it often.  There a re a lot of beautiful people to choose from.  Anna-Marie- Minka Kelly, Alessandro- Ben Barnes or Taylor Kitsch, Marquis-Chris Hemsworth, Michael-Chad Michael Murray, Dylan-Ed Westwick

2.  What is your playlist for your book? The whole Evanescence album, Anywhere but Home. 

3.  If I were a fly on the wall when you’re writing, what would I discover about you?  Me sitting on my couch in my PJ’s with my lap top on my lap sipping coffee and watching House Hunters International.  I’m most creative in the mornings.

4.  What is the latest book you’ve read?  Dean Koontz, False Memory.  I was trying to get motivated to write my own creepy story.

5.  When a reader finishes your book, what is their reaction?  Example - “I didn’t see that coming”  or “Swooning”. “F’ing amazing”  lol I get that a lot

6.  If you were a bird, what kind would you be?  I think a Humming bird.  I love flowers.  So much so I have various types tattooed on my body.  Humming birds do well

7.  What was your inspiration for Protector?  I really have no clue.  I wanted to write something, but had no clue what. My husband told me to simply start writing, so I did.  It morphed and changed a few times during the process.  My whole life I have loved vampire movies and books so there was no surprise I wrote a book about them.

8.   When you go to an amusement park, do you gravitate to the roller coaster or shopping?  Neither really.  I’m petrified of heights and the shops are usually too expensive.  I love to people watch.  I will watch my family having a good time and that is enough for me.

9.  What’s the best advice about writing you’ve ever been given?  To buy the series Writing Essentials by Writer’s Digest.  They have helped me so much and I tend to re-read them as a refresher.  I get asked questions all the time and the best advice I give is, do it for yourself.

10.  What can we expect from you over the next year?  The 3rd in the Protector series, Protect Us, will be published as well as a few more.  I intend to write a screen play for Protector so a friend, who has a small movie studio, and I can turn it into an indie film.

Where can we stalk you?

Twitter - tressamessenger
Facebook - Tressa Messenger 

Anna-Marie has spent her whole life in love with the boy across the creek. When Anna-Marie’s boyfriend, Dylan, dies under mysterious circumstances it drives her into a deep depression. She desperately clings to his memories for solace.
After reports come out of a second mysterious death, Anna-Marie climbs her way out of despair as she throws herself into a search for the assailant, who is callously tearing so many lives apart. During Anna-Marie’s search, she has a chance encounter with a mysterious man who flips her world upside down once again. Alessandro Pierre appears just as normal as the next guy, but he is far from it.
The further Anna-Marie digs into a world she isn’t quite prepared for; she gets caught up in a deadly game from her worst nightmares and eventually learns that it is her own world as well.

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