Sunday, November 25, 2012


I started on this journey in the not too recent past,
I didn't know how long this endeavor might last,
I wrote a book, took a chance, gave it all I knew.
And before I realized, all my dreams were coming true.

To get to write the stories that live inside my head,
To bring to life, build the tale, the pages that were read
to get to share the characters I have grown to care for,
and that others love them too, I couldn't ask for more.

Every day is a new adventure of romance, trials and strife,
and everyday I cherish more that God has given me this life.
I've met amazing people who in books find the same joy,
like a child on Christmas morning unwrapping their new toy.

I am so thankful you see, to each and every one,
 The encouragement and support, they all mean a ton.
I can not imagine life without this task given to me,
And if I did not have to pay the bills I would write for free.

I can not say it enough, all the thanks I give to you,
Each and every reader who took a chance on someone new.
From the very depths of my heart I say in a humble voice,
Thank you so very much for making my books your reading choice.

In thanks to all those wonderful readers out there,
Happy Thanksgiving,