Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Fantasy?

Delving into foreign terrenes within mystical worlds is so much fun for me. It's no doubt my Austrian, imagrant mother's folklore and fairytale telling was what triggered my first love for fantasy. She sure had a way of comunicating those Grimms-like tales to me that would take my imagination traveling right along with the characters she brought to life. Later, in my preteens, the tables turned, and I read fantasy novels to her, our favorites being, The Chronicles of Narnia. I can remember that special time when I was around twelve years old; my mother would cook dinner while I sat at the kitchen table and read to her.

Now that I'm an adult I love to write as well as read fantasy. Why, you may ask? There are no set rules in the genre, imagination is limitless. I can create my own world or enter someone else world where anything can happen. For me, writing fantasy is a way of escaping the everyday grind in life. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm not complaining about my life. I actually love my life and know that I've been very blessed with a wonderful family to boot. But God also gave me the ability to create and that to me is very exciting. Escaping into my story gives me such a sense of freedom. I see myself tagging along, like a reporter, with my characters; they of course can't see me, I can only see them.

My love for reading fantasy has inspired me to write my novel, The Magic Warble, a story geared toward middle grade readers, though I have been told by many adults, that they, too, have enjoyed it, just as much as they would have if they were still a child.

Along with the adventure, intrigue and suspense, I have weaved a message of hope, perseverance, friendship and loyalty into my story. My personal hope is that you will want to join my main character, Kristina along her journey as she travels with a fellowship of characters such as gnomes, dwarfs, fairies, talking animals, and a prince, to fulfill a crucial task that will change the destiny of a magical land.
Lastly, I'd like to mention that now available for purchase, is my second book in this series, The Black Shard, .

I'm hoping to have 3, possibly 4 books in the series. In The Black Shard, Kristina goes back to Bernovem and partakes in another great adventure with her Bernovian friends, and best of all she is invited to travel with Werrien to his homeland, Tezerel. This book is also very adventurous, suspenseful, has magical characters, evil villains, a heroin, and is even spiced up with romance.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! When I learned to read, I read EVERYTHING in the school library (it was a very small school) and realised that the fantasy books were by far the most interesting. I've read fantasy and written fantasy ever since. Who wouldn't want to escape into worlds of fire-breathing dragons, dashing heros and quiet little inns where you can put your feet up after a hard days's dragon slaying? (although I like dragons so I'd never really slay one of course!)