Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ten reasons why we love books

With World Book Day having just passed, I thought I’d compile a list with the top ten reasons why we love books. Feel free to chime in.

1. Books enrich our lives. Reading is the perfect hobby; one that can be easily done anytime and anywhere, and doesn’t require much preparation.

2. They’re tangible records of our world. They hold knowledge and wisdom.

3. Books are a means to escape. No matter how much we love our lives, it’s nice to escape into another every now and then.

4. Books offer lots of new experiences. We get to be someone else for a while, visit new places, and experience events we might never get a chance to experience in real life.

5. Books are a constant source of inspiration and meditation, a way to relieve stress and forget about our problems and limitations.

6. Even fiction books often teach us something about other people and their perspectives.

7. Books show us what the opposite gender feels and thinks.

8. They challenge our views about the world and broaden our horizons.

9. They help us bond with other people with a similar taste in book clubs and reading groups. They help us bond with our children when we read a bedtime story to them, and with our friends when we discuss or recommend a good read.

10. Books offer a way to fall in love times and times again, both with new characters and new worlds.

Jayde x


  1. I like this post. It's sweet and exactly how i feel

  2. What a great list of why we love books! Thanks!