Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to write a kiss

Did you see the title? I'm taking a wild leap of faith that you have encountered the delight of a lovers lips upon yours. If you are reading this and you have not kissed that special someone yet.... this assignment might be beyond your realm of expertise.  I advise you to run to the mall, store, Jiffy Lube and find someone to plant a big kiss on..... once you've mastered it, come back.

Writing a romantic kiss is one of my favorite things to do.  A kiss can be something simple, like when you kiss your parent good-night.  The kiss can be something to do out of obligation, like kissing grandma good-bye.  A kiss can be sloppy, slimy, sweet, passionate, incredible, and down right hot.  If you're lucky, it will be all of the above at the same time.  When writing out a kiss, decide what kind of kiss it is first.  I am surrounded by teens and I asked my best friend's daughter... what is the best way for a guy to kiss you (hand on the face or back of neck was her answer).  I ask my teen son...he doesn't give me many answers (LOL).  Once that is done, search your memory bank for that kiss that made you feel the same way you want your character to feel.  Close your eyes and think about the beginning, middle and the start writing it out.  

Once you've written the kiss, read it out loud.  Does the feeling come across with the words?  Remember things like touch, smell, place and the mood. Here is a kiss from The Light Tamer - the female lead is Jessie and the male is Caleb - they are 15 and 16 years old.

He turned to face me, his big brown eyes heavily hooded, he put one hand on my face and we both shuddered at the same time.  “I want to kiss you, I want to feel what it’s like to have your lips on mine,” he whispers back to me.
            I let out the breath I’d been holding.  Is he serious?  Caleb, this gorgeous guy wants to kiss me.  I want him to, what if I do it wrong?  I’ve never kissed someone before; do I smash my face to his?  What if I make too much spit and it’s sloppy?  What if I don’t know how?
            “Jessie?  May I?”
            He leaned all the way in, and I lean forward to him and our lips met.  Soft and warm, sweet, with a taste of peppermint.  His hand is still on my face and that warmth has taken over my soul.  Two people kissing for the first time.  My tummy tingled, my lips almost burn at his touch and it was then, I hear him.  I heard him inside of my head, or inside his, I don’t know, but I heard him.  He was thinking about how soft my lips felt, and how tongues grossed him out…but not now.  He thought about my hair and how pretty my blonde hair looked draped across my tan shoulders.  He thought about this moment was the best first kiss ever.  His first kiss.  I pulled back away from him.  I look at his face and can see his admiration of me.  Damn, that was great!

I hope that helps you out.... I advise you to practice kissing so you have an arsenol of scenes to choose from in your head.  Happy Spring and have fun putting your two lips out by the tulips of love... (cheesy huh?)

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